Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 159

Wow, tomorrow is October 15th. This month has flown by. I started it off with a visit to the grandsons in Atlanta. Their parents had a craft show and I went up to babysit. As usual it was a wonderful experience. However, I miss understood when my daughter said there was corn on the cob and fish sticks for their lunch. I actually gave each of them a section of corn on the cob. They looked at me like, "What ya want me to do with this?" and Micah never did try it. Once I cut some off the cob, he was willing to eat it, but he was NOT going to pick it up whole. Nathan picked his up and looked at it like it was something awful. I bit into it to show him it was ok, and he actually did take a bite after that, but he wasn't real keen on the idea either. Of course when MOM got home she explained that they had never had it still on the cob before. Duh!!!

On Sunday we all piled into the Truck to go yard selling. Atlanta has some really ritzy yard sales and the kids did really well. I just sat in the truck with the boys and we ate goldfish and sang the ABCs. It was bunches of fun. However, after that we went back to the house and Nate was sick. I guess I gave him too many goldfish and too much milk for the riding. I had to head back to Florida, so I wasn't there to help clean him up. Sure do miss those little ones.

On the following Tuesday, Hubby took me to Tallahassee for our long awaited dinner at Carrabba's. We had a wonderful dinner and it was a great start to our vacation. On Wednesday morning we were at the Valdosta Airport for the 6am flight to Atlanta. There we caught our connecting flight to Las Vegas and by early afternoon we were in our room at the Sahara Resort.

It was a really fun week. We visited Hoover Dam and saw the new bridge that is almost finished. Drove out into the desert to take pictures and went up on Mt. Charleston. It actually was snowing while we were up there. Then we drove the historic Route 66 to Oatman, California where the old mining town has been revived as a tourist attraction. They have mock gun fights in the streets and the noise brings the wild burros down out of the hills. These guys are the descendants of the burros that the miners turned loose when the town originally died. The buildings are mostly original (I think) and the burros just run loose in the town. They walk slowing down the middle of the street or right up on the wooden sidewalk. People feed them popcorn, carrots and such. They were really friendly and fun

The drive to get there was beautiful, but it certainly made me wonder how Route 66 was made. Some of the places where it runs are sheer drop offs and we saw several wrecked cars and trucks over the side that have been there for some time apparently. Another day we drove out to Red Rock Canyon and hiked up a Canyon to some caves. It was around two miles and most of it was up a rocky mountain side. We saw some ground squirrels, and birds, but the wild burros and horses eluded us that day.

In the evenings Hubby could be found at the Craps table in the casino. He did surprisingly well this trip. He actually left Vegas with winnings. He entered the slot tournament and won cash there as well. It wasn't a lot of money, but Hey, we won!

We visited the Fremont Experience, and had dinner at the Main Street Station Buffet. We also ate at the Palace Station Buffet a couple of times. Both are very good and we finally had to back off of the buffets or we would have to buy new clothes to come home in. lol. I didn't get to the Rio, once again. We just had so much to do. We visited the gambler's supply house and picked up some dice and chips to make things. We made several trips up and down the Strip taking photos and listing all the places in order as they fall on the street. We have often wondered when we get home, just exactly where something is in Vegas. So now we will know.

Hubby had a scratchy throat and coughing most of the week and when we got home he was out sick for the next 3 days. I didn't feel ill while we were in Vegas, but on the trip home I started to cough and feel poorly. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday (today) I just felt really bad with coughing, chills and a headache. So I didn't work today. I still don't feel really well but need to work tomorrow, it's Friday and we will be busy for sure.

As for the crafting, I managed to finish the afghan that was commissioned by my boss for her daughter's birthday in time. They loved it. I forgot to take a photo of it as usual. I had said that I was not going to take anything with me to Vegas to work on, but finally thought it would be a good chance to see if the airlines would allow my crochet hook on the plane. They did! So I managed to make a couple of hats while we were traveling. Since I got back I have actually made an apple, finished the strawberry, finished the stroller blanket for my daughter to give to a friend, made two more hats, and several cupcakes. I guess I need to ship these to my daughter as she has shows each weekend for the next 3 weeks. I have them ready to take to the post office, hopefully I can get there tomorrow on my lunch break.

That's about it from here for tonight. I am calling it an evening and hitting the showers.
More Later.