Saturday, December 11, 2010

DAY 217

It's been a long time since I posted anything here and a lot has happened. I have gone to Atlanta several times to keep the twins while their parents worked craft shows. Have made grapevine wreaths to take to the daughter. Finished a LOT of crochet for Christmas presents and made several mini stocking ornaments too.

Hubby and I worked on the house and finally got the ceiling in our living room finished (first stage).
We visited the twins and their parents Thanksgiving weekend and had a great time and we should be going back up there tomorrow for Birthday Party (2). Hard to believe that the boys are already two years old.

The ladies that I work with and I went to Thomasville Victorian Christmas last night and it was really fun. LOTS of people crowded into the main shopping area and food vendors everywhere. A Living Nativity was the highlight of the evening. The old structures are lovely and the hugh trees are a marvel. I had a wonderful evening, it was even cold enough for coats.

The night before that was our Company Christmas party at a mexican place called SurEstes in Valdosta. Good food and very crowded. We played a silly game where you had two teams and each team had to fill a pair of panty hose with balloons and make antlers for one person to wear along with a light up red nose and my team won. Yea!!!

There was also an election in the Social Club that I belong to, STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association, INC. and I have been elected the new CFO starting January 1st. Boy there is a lot more to this than just balancing a check book. Had a conference call this morning that lasted 2 hours. Was scheduled for three but the phone battery died. Guess I will be buying a new phone this week.

Chatted with my son in Korea this morning. He is currently at Camp Red Cloud 15K from the North Korean border, but he told me he will be moving about 150 miles south of there very soon. And should be back in the states in June or July. Can't wait to see him. It has been a long time and last time I only saw him for a day before he shipped out. This mom misses her kids a bunch.

Well hubby is about ready to go to town for dinner, so I guess I better get off here and get dressed. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Christmas, just in case it takes me a while to get back on here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 159

Wow, tomorrow is October 15th. This month has flown by. I started it off with a visit to the grandsons in Atlanta. Their parents had a craft show and I went up to babysit. As usual it was a wonderful experience. However, I miss understood when my daughter said there was corn on the cob and fish sticks for their lunch. I actually gave each of them a section of corn on the cob. They looked at me like, "What ya want me to do with this?" and Micah never did try it. Once I cut some off the cob, he was willing to eat it, but he was NOT going to pick it up whole. Nathan picked his up and looked at it like it was something awful. I bit into it to show him it was ok, and he actually did take a bite after that, but he wasn't real keen on the idea either. Of course when MOM got home she explained that they had never had it still on the cob before. Duh!!!

On Sunday we all piled into the Truck to go yard selling. Atlanta has some really ritzy yard sales and the kids did really well. I just sat in the truck with the boys and we ate goldfish and sang the ABCs. It was bunches of fun. However, after that we went back to the house and Nate was sick. I guess I gave him too many goldfish and too much milk for the riding. I had to head back to Florida, so I wasn't there to help clean him up. Sure do miss those little ones.

On the following Tuesday, Hubby took me to Tallahassee for our long awaited dinner at Carrabba's. We had a wonderful dinner and it was a great start to our vacation. On Wednesday morning we were at the Valdosta Airport for the 6am flight to Atlanta. There we caught our connecting flight to Las Vegas and by early afternoon we were in our room at the Sahara Resort.

It was a really fun week. We visited Hoover Dam and saw the new bridge that is almost finished. Drove out into the desert to take pictures and went up on Mt. Charleston. It actually was snowing while we were up there. Then we drove the historic Route 66 to Oatman, California where the old mining town has been revived as a tourist attraction. They have mock gun fights in the streets and the noise brings the wild burros down out of the hills. These guys are the descendants of the burros that the miners turned loose when the town originally died. The buildings are mostly original (I think) and the burros just run loose in the town. They walk slowing down the middle of the street or right up on the wooden sidewalk. People feed them popcorn, carrots and such. They were really friendly and fun

The drive to get there was beautiful, but it certainly made me wonder how Route 66 was made. Some of the places where it runs are sheer drop offs and we saw several wrecked cars and trucks over the side that have been there for some time apparently. Another day we drove out to Red Rock Canyon and hiked up a Canyon to some caves. It was around two miles and most of it was up a rocky mountain side. We saw some ground squirrels, and birds, but the wild burros and horses eluded us that day.

In the evenings Hubby could be found at the Craps table in the casino. He did surprisingly well this trip. He actually left Vegas with winnings. He entered the slot tournament and won cash there as well. It wasn't a lot of money, but Hey, we won!

We visited the Fremont Experience, and had dinner at the Main Street Station Buffet. We also ate at the Palace Station Buffet a couple of times. Both are very good and we finally had to back off of the buffets or we would have to buy new clothes to come home in. lol. I didn't get to the Rio, once again. We just had so much to do. We visited the gambler's supply house and picked up some dice and chips to make things. We made several trips up and down the Strip taking photos and listing all the places in order as they fall on the street. We have often wondered when we get home, just exactly where something is in Vegas. So now we will know.

Hubby had a scratchy throat and coughing most of the week and when we got home he was out sick for the next 3 days. I didn't feel ill while we were in Vegas, but on the trip home I started to cough and feel poorly. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday (today) I just felt really bad with coughing, chills and a headache. So I didn't work today. I still don't feel really well but need to work tomorrow, it's Friday and we will be busy for sure.

As for the crafting, I managed to finish the afghan that was commissioned by my boss for her daughter's birthday in time. They loved it. I forgot to take a photo of it as usual. I had said that I was not going to take anything with me to Vegas to work on, but finally thought it would be a good chance to see if the airlines would allow my crochet hook on the plane. They did! So I managed to make a couple of hats while we were traveling. Since I got back I have actually made an apple, finished the strawberry, finished the stroller blanket for my daughter to give to a friend, made two more hats, and several cupcakes. I guess I need to ship these to my daughter as she has shows each weekend for the next 3 weeks. I have them ready to take to the post office, hopefully I can get there tomorrow on my lunch break.

That's about it from here for tonight. I am calling it an evening and hitting the showers.
More Later.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 141

Well, the weekend is almost over, and tomorrow is another work day. It has been a good weekend so far. I had to work Saturday morning, but it wasn't a bad morning. Then Hubby and I went to Taco Bell for lunch and home to work on my afghan that HAS to be DONE by the 6th of October. It is a birthday gift for my boss' daughter commission by my Boss. So I can't possibly not meet the deadline. The birthday is not until the 10th but Hubby and I will be in Vegas on the 6 thru the 11th so it MUST BE DONE by the time we leave. I don't have a lot left to do on it as I have feverishly worked on it most of the weekend.

Saturday night we did take time to have dinner at LOCO's with our friends who have been in England and Ireland for the past 3 weeks. They had a wonderful time and we hope to someday get to go with them. They invited us this year (again) but we couldn't make it (again). I do hope the next time they go, we can tag along.

My daughter has invited me back to Atlanta this coming weekend for the Highland Fall Fun Festival. I don't know if I am to watch the twins while she does the booth or if I am to go help with the booth. Either way works. I understand that Metal Man has to work at his REAL job that day so it could be either one. Guess I will be making another drive to Hot-lanta on Friday night and it will be alone again as Hubby has to work on Saturday so that we can go to Vegas the next week. I have several of the special request white dish clothes to take with me, but haven't gotten around to replacing any of the fruit and veggies that sold last week. Got to finish that afghan.

Speaking of work, I guess I better go make a schedule for this up-coming week. See ya around.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 138

Hi again. Bet you thought I had totally forgotten about this blog, well not really. I have been VERY busy lately. I went to Cartersville to the Roselawn Craft Show on the 18th and had a wonderful time. I got to spend the day before with the grandboys and the day of with their parents. It was a blast. Those boys are so smart and adorable.

At the show we sold several pieces of crocheted fruit and veggies so I have to remake those. I also have a special request for white cotton dish clothes. So I have been busy on my lunch break at work making those. I have about a half dozen completed so far. I also thought that crocheted hangers for flower pots would be nice and am giving those a shot. Haven't actually completed one yet but I am working on it.

At work I have had a training conference call and had one of the tellers out sick for a full day, another had physical therapy 3 days this week and a third had a doctor's appointment today.
I had to cancel my doctor's appointment due to it being impossible to get the blood work done. However, I got screened at the craft show and everything is good except the cholesterol which was several points above where it should be. So I started taking the meds again.

I also realized that the commission afghan that I need to get finished by October 10th was no where near done and time is running out. So I am feverishly working on that in the evenings. To complicate matters the green yarn that I selected to make this one apparently has been discontinued. I can't find it anywhere in town. So I compromised and picked up a lighter shade and am doing strips of that on either side of the darker green center. I think it is going to be fine, but it really upsets me that I can't find the right matching color. I guess that should teach me to buy it all at one time. Then I have another that must be done before Christmas. Boy, I sure am working a lot for someone who just does this for a hobby. lol

Well, it is late and I really need some rest, so I guess I will say goodnight to all. Pleasant dreams.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 127

Well this has been an interesting month. I think I mentioned last time that we are house hunting. Well we looked at a house that would have been good for me. It was one mile from work by the road and more like a half mile or less if I walked. It was brick, with a half acre yard partly fenced. NO TREES at all. Very few flowers, BUT Apparently the roof leaked at one time (or still does) as there are stains on all the ceilings and mold and mildew everywhere. With my allergies and Hubby's extreme dislike of mold, NO WAY. Too much expense and work for what they are asking. Guess we will keep looking.

Meanwhile, we have an air conditioner that has gone out and the water heater died. So this weekend has been spent ripping out the old water heater (trailer type 20 gallon) and replacing it with a new 40 gallon. But that requires all new plumbing and electrical, so hubby has been VERY busy.

I, on the other hand, have managed to make 6 soap bags. My daughter has a friend who makes and sells specialty soaps. She asked if I could make some cotton yarn bags for the soap to fit into that could be used as wash mitts. So I have made 6 to see if they will work. I will take them to Atlanta next weekend when we go up for the show. I am also about half finished with a flower baby quilt/afghan. It is in coral, yellow and variegated pink, green, yellow, white; you know, baby colors. I hope to have it done by the weekend.

Since I am using materials on hand, it has become a bit of a challenge. But when we visited my sister this past weekend in Tennessee, they had a huge stash of yarns left over from brother-in-laws mom. It was almost like Christmas in September. While we were up there we took the inlaws to dinner and drove through the park to Cades Cove. That was fun but we didn't see any wildlife on the trip. Never been to the Cove when we didn't see ANYTHING before.

On the way home we stopped at Clingman's Dome parking lot. They have totally reworked it. The restrooms are now a shop and they built new restrooms right in the parking lot. So you don't have to walk part way up the trail to get to them anymore. It was a really nice clear day and Hubby got lots of good pictures. But we had to hurry home to get ready for Monday.

That's about it for now, except that we have to get our house back in order and get ready for the Grandson's next weekend. Really looking forward to seeing everyone. Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 115

Well, the month of August is gone. September dawns bright and early tomorrow. And the next day is Hubby's 50th birthday. Most of our friends gave him birthday wishes last Saturday evening since many of them are in England, Ireland, and Scotland for the next 2 or 3 weeks. It was fun and I surprised him by inviting a couple that he hasn't seen in a while.

Tomorrow is Cleaning day at the Dentist for me and I also have an appointment to get my eyes checked. I took the whole day off from work, so hopefully I can get some house cleaning done also. Hubby and I did the yard work this past weekend and boy am I still tired. We have a very big yard. I still have a flower bed or two that need weeding, but I just haven't had the time.

I have been spending a lot of my spare time looking on the internet for a house in the Valdosta area. We would like to get a "cheap foreclosure" and move closer to where we both work. But the one we found that we both are willing to take a really good look at, seems to already be "under contract". However, the sign in the front yard does not say that, so I am hoping that it is still available. It would require a LOT of work, but it is something we could possibly do. Please say a little prayer that we can find a bargain.

I finished the baby quilt that I was working on and took it's picture. I have tried to put it on this site but am having a bit of trouble. I will try again. Well, as you can see, I succeeded in getting the picture on the page, just NOT where I wanted it. I seem to have a bit more studying to do about this blogging thing. Anyway, maybe you can get an idea of what the quilt looks like and let me know what you think.

Looks like we might be heading to the mountains this weekend. Hubby has Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) off. I have to work until noon on Saturday, but we just might head for Douglass Lake after that. We haven't been up to my sister's house in a while.

It's late and I am tired, so it is off to dream land for me. Hope you have a good night also.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 110

Wow, where has the week gone? It's already Thursday evening and I can't believe it. For one thing, I have to weight tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that. I have been bad this week. Cookies everyday. Yup, left overs from the Customer Appreciation Week at the Bank. So I have partaken of them daily this week and I KNOW it is not going to be good. I knew it when I ate them but I ate them just the same. I also have a doctor's appointment on the 29th of September so I better whip myself back into shape quickly.

Speaking of doctor's appointments, I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned and my eyes checked on the same day. September 1st. Guess I will just have to take the whole day off from work, oh Darn!!! Then on September 22nd I have to take the morning off to go to Tallahassee for blood work for the appointment on the 29th.

Another appointment I had recently was for a hair cut. I have this awesome hairstylist and he told me Tuesday afternoon (after he was done cutting my hair, go figure) that he LOVES to play with hair and work miracles on people. I had picked out a style that my hair was just not quite long enough to do, but he tried and in the end we did something a bit different than what I thought I wanted. It isn't too bad, but my hair is just not as thick and doesn't have the body it used to have and that makes me very sad. I just can't imagine how I am going to look bald and if it keeps coming out at the rate it has the past 5 years, I will BE bald in 5 more. I am going to mention this to my doctor next month. See if we can't do something about it in time to prevent the worlds worst from happening.

I finished the baby quilt for the online store. I found the mint green and it turned out very nice if I do say so myself. I showed it to some of my fiends recently and they complimented me on the color selections. There comment was that they would never have thought to put those colors together, but they were VERY Pretty. I should be able to get a picture of it on here very soon, as Hubby presented me with a new digital camera last night that I can actually download the pictures directly into my computer. Once I finish reading the handbook and install the software, it will be pictures for the Blog!!! Can't wait. But I want to be certain that I know what I am doing and not mess up both the camera and the computer. If anyone could do that it would certainly be me.

I restarted on the special order afghan that has to be finished by Oct 7th. I have succeeded in getting one full skein of yarn reworked. This time I am working along the long side of the piece rather than the short side. So it will have a lengthwise pattern rather than the width-wise one I had before. I think the new pattern, while more simple, will be softer and more cuddly. I just hope they like it.

I also started on the soap bags that my daughter requested. I am not entirely certain what size to make them as I don't have any measurements. But I figure that a regular bar of soap should be about the same size. The first one is a variegated cotton yarn with blue, tan, brown, and green in it. I also have a red, white, and pink variegated yarn for another one. I am working on these at work on my lunch break as they are MUCH easier to transport to and from.

I looked at the site the other evening and boy there is a lot of stuff to read there. I want to be certain that I understand all the regulations and requirements before I jump in. But I have to admit that after a full day of working on a computer and with LOTS of paperwork, I don't have much interest in digging into something like this. So it will probably be a while before I open an Etsy store.

Well, I guess that will do it for me tonight. Hubby will have a birthday on September 2nd and it will be his big 50. So I am working on a few ideas for that this week. Later

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 106

Good Morning!
Friday was an interesting but stressful day. Someone started a rumor that our bank was closing for good. Needless to say, we were swamped with phone calls and customers asking if it was true. Some people even withdrew their money. This was the same day that the market president and another officer chose to visit us. We actually asked him about the rumor and he had not heard about it. But boy he did over a thousand times before the day was out. The switchboard was jammed with calls and all the branches were trying to put down the rumor. Hubby was so sweet when I got home, he had heard the rumor also and ordered take out for dinner.

Saturday was a MUCH better day. It started out very slow and Sarah and I were worried that people had believed the rumor and thought we WERE closed. But around 10:30 it picked up and was constant until we closed a little after Noon. We only had a couple of folks ask about it that day.

We generally have dinner with 3 or 4 other couples on Saturday night, but this week 2 of those couples were shopping for their trip to the UK. One of the others had plans to have dinner with other friends already so Hubby took me out. We elected to go to Ryan's buffet in Valdosta. It isn't the same as the Ryan's Steakhouses across the country, but it has awesome meatloaf that Hubby really likes and I adore the fried chicken. After that we visited the newly remodeled Walmart looking for cheap videos. We collect the old movies (have over 300 now!) and wanted to see what they had in the $5 bin. We found two that Hubby liked; I can't remember what they were right now.

After that we cruised around town looking at some of the neighborhoods that have houses for sale. We didn't find anything on our list that we really liked so I guess I will keep looking. After we got home I spent some time looking online for houses for sale in Valdosta and found one that could be a real steal if it is in as good a shape as the add suggests and is in a good neighborhood. It has over two thousand square feet of living space on a half acre of land and actually is in our price range. I hope we can go look for it today. We generally have breakfast in town on Sundays so we will see.

Living in the country has its ups and downs. A few days ago Hubby came home after dark to find himself face to face with a beautiful red fox in our garage area. (Up) However a couple of days ago we were both working on our computers when we heard the wind chimes tinkle and Hubby found a small oak snake in the office! (definately a down!) I am still trying to figure out how it got into the house. I know it isn't the tightest house in the world (rather old) but I still don't see how the little guy got in. However, Hubby caught him and took him outside and down the road a ways and let him go. They aren't dangerous, but they do stink. (And I am not a fan of snakes of any kind, and especially inside the house.)

As for the crafting, I tore out two skeins of yarn on the afghan that I am making for a special order because I didn't really like the pattern. I better find a new pattern soon as the piece has to be done by October 7th. I also got the baby afghan that Hubby is going to put online for sale almost done. I just don't like the color I started with on the final row. So it is off to the store to pick up something that will look better. Hope I can find the mint green that I want to use.

That's about all the excitement from around here for today. But it is still early, we'll see.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 102

Well, Hubby and I have been home from Canada for 12 days now. It is time to start looking forward to Las Vegas!!! Yep, just 48 days until we fly off to a long weekend in the city that never sleeps. We will be staying as the Sahara again this year as they have granted us a couple of free nights. I really wanted to stay at the Main Street Station and see all the antiques again, but free nights at Sahara won out. That will help to hold down the costs. Hubby booked the tickets a while ago so we got really good rates on the flight.

He has also researched the things to do in the area; we will be visiting a few caves not far away and a real old western goldrush town. Apparently this town (Oatland) has gunfights in the street and wild burros running loose. When we go to Vegas we try to see a lot of the nature type stuff during the day and the city/casino type stuff at night. Some of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen were in the desert.

We have been to Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Monument Valley and The Petrified Forest on past trips. We have also spent time on Mount Charleston, in Red Rock Canyon and The Valley of Fire. We have lots of photographs on the website,, if anyone wants to take a peek.

The year we made the trip in the spring was wonderful! The desert was in bloom and it was the most beautiful sight. Color everywhere. And of course the ground out there is colorful all by itself. Rainbow Garden is a barren mountain side with layers of different colored rocks that form beautiful designs. The road to see it is dirt and therefore really dusty, but the view is worth it.

We are thinking about visiting Chloride, a silver mining town, and maybe run thru Searchlight again. We enjoy seeing the antique stuff and old buildings left over from the Wild West days. I am looking forward to the trip. Originally we had another couple planning to go with us, but that didn't work out for this year. Maybe next time.

There are a couple of other things we want to see that we have missed in the past. The Bonnie and Clyde car is out there and we drove all the way to the state line to see it one trip but it was on tour so we didn't get to see it. Then we have made two trips to the Rio to see the Parade in the Sky and it was between shows both times. I sure hope it is in session this time. My daughter and son-in-law told me that the best buffet in town is at the Rio. It is a mile long and carries a lot of seafood. Maybe we will check it out. We actually like the buffet at Palace Station and the stain glass work there is lovely. I really wanted to stay at the Main Street Station and see all the antiques again, but free nights at Sahara won out. Maybe we will try a couple of other casino clubs and see if they will offer us free nights for future trips. Hubby enjoys the crap table. He is actually building one for the house, (have I mentioned that before?) It isn't full size, but it is big enough to have fun. He has done a superb job on it and the only thing lacking now is the chip trays. Those will require some special woodworking tools and skills. But I have confidence that he will get it done.

Well, once again it is late and tomorrow is a big day. We both have to work and then we have a birthday party to attend for a dear friend. I hear that the cuisine is to be Chinese, which is a bit odd considering that he is Polish and his wife is Irish. But I am certain that a good time will be had by all.

See ya later!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 100

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did!!! I drove to Atlanta on Friday night to spend the weekend with the "Grandboys". It's a long drive after working all day, but it wasn't too bad. The weather didn't cooperate all that well; as I ran in and out of rain all the way up. But I arrived between showers so getting into the house was dry. I tried to be quiet getting in as the family was already in bed and made my way to the guest room.

The next morning I was up in time to say goodbye to my daughter and son-in-law as they were headed to a Craft Show. This was the reason for the visit, (well not really, but it was a good excuse to come up). So I got to spend about 8 hours, just me and the twins. Nothing is better than grandboy hugs. Nate can wrap himself totally around you and hug for all he is worth. Micah is good at hugs also but he is a lot more independent. Nate's big thing right now is the alphabet. He loves his letters. Micah is more interested in his blocks and what he can do with them.

Neither boy is overly fond of clothes. They much prefer to run around nude, but of course that can be dangerous with small children, especially the male ones. And meals are exciting. There is never any way of knowing what they are "liking" today. It is a trial and error system, and for the most part is works. Saturday bananas were out and goldfish and snap peas were in. Micah was all about cheese, but Nate was having nothing to do with it. I tried pizza for lunch, but that was a definite NO from both. But boy did they love those snap peas.

The calculators that I had found at the Dollar Store were a hit. The stick ponies, not so much. Daddy used them to mess with the boys and they laughed, but I don't think they have a clue what they are intended for, which is ok. After all they are only 20 months old and probably have never really seen a real horse. I also took them an inflatable parrot and seahorse. Nate liked these but Micah was not so much interested at the time. It is really amazing how different they are from each other.

The craft show went well as I am certain you will learn from the Stress the Seams blog if you choose to visit there. And the kids had to turn down a show for next weekend, due to lack of stock and time. Sounds like the craft business agrees with them.

I took a baby afghan that I had made from a design that came to me one evening while I was watching tv. It has raised flowers in salmon, blue and pale yellow on a green and tan field. Kind of a 3-D granny square pattern. Apparently it garnered a lot of comments but did not sell. We also sent some really cool photographs that Hubby had taken in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia while we were on vacation there. They were just 4 x 6 but are really superb. If you are interested in seeing these or other photographs we have taken, check out Hubby is working hard to get the new pictures up on the site, but it could be a few days before they are viewable.

Well, I guess that is about it for tonight. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and sweet dreams tonight.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 95

Ooops, sorry didn't mean to leave you hanging. It's just been a busy week.

Anyway, back to the tale.

On the final morning of our cruise, we were to be back into New York. Hubby and I discussed it and elected to get up early (4:30) to be certain that we didn't miss the Statue of Liberty on the way in. Well, the alarm went off as planned, but we were still very far away from New York (according to the GPS) so I stayed in bed for another hour. I did however, get up and get dressed at 5:30 and made my way out to the deck. It was foggy!!! And the humidity was back. It was also still dark.

So we waited on deck and the sun finally started to come up just as we entered the Hudson River. We got some photos of the Staten Island Bridge (got it right that time) in the fog. We also got a bunch of photos of the Lady Liberty with the fog in the background. There was a wonderful few moments as the sun came up behind the Empire State Building and we caught those on film also. It was actually worth the early morning call to see it all. After the ship docked we elected to have one more breakfast in the dining room and to collect our few remaining belongings from the stateroom and say goodbye to the stewarts.

As VIP's we were able to leave the ship almost as soon as our breakfast was done. So we made our way to the Lobby and exited the ship with little or no trouble. Once back on American soil we had to go thru customs, but that was pretty easy also since we didn't bring much of anything with us. We collected our luggage and showed the customs agents our passports and other paper work and they let us back into the good ole USA.

We made our way thru the remained of the terminal, not nearly as impressive leaving as it was when we arrived. And found the location to wait for our transfer service back to the airport. Since so many more people were returning to the airport at the same time this transport was a full size bus. We were the last group to get off at the Delta terminal. Here is where things went sour. We got into the line to check our baggage and pick up our boarding passes for our 3:30 flight. Mind you it was around 10 a.m. and we were expecting to have to sit in the airport until our flight time. However, Hubby checked the luggage and picked up the passes and we started into the terminal. The baggage clerk came running after us and shouted that we were too early and he couldn't check us in yet. We explained that our flight was at 3:30, but he check his records to find that our 3:30 flight had been canceled and we would not be leavinig LaGuardia until 8 p.m. He was helpful in trying to find out why this occurred but just the same we were stuck in the airport for 10 hours. Then they tried to get us to take a $400 credit each, a hotel room for the night and first class accommodations on a 10:30 flight the next day since the 8:05 flight was overbooked! It would have been a sweet deal, except that I had to be at work at 8 a.m. Friday morning. So it would have been difficult to leave NY at 10:30 and get to Valdosta an hour and a half before that. As it was, we made the flight home, but were sitting on opposite sides of the plane and in different rows. Hubby ALWAYS flies in a window seat, well NOT this time. We were both stuck in the center seat while the folks at the window seats SLEPT all the way home. Although I don't really see how they slept as bumpy as the flight was.

Anyway, we landed in Jacksonville and picked up our car and headed home. Hubby was so sweet to drive all the way home and let me try to sleep. He had Friday off. We made it home around 1:30 a.m. Needless to say, I was exhausted Friday, but I made it to work on time and lasted the whole day. Then we both had to work Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon was spent napping. I think we are both back to normal (did I use the term normal in describing either of US?) although the housework has not been done and the laundry is still piled up. Next trip I plan to take advantage of the VIP laundry service.

Well that is it for our vacation. Hope you enjoyed it. We sure did (except for the return trip).
If you ever get the opportunity to visit Canada, GO. It is a lovely place.

Ta Ta for now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 92

First I must apologize, Hubby informed me that it was NOT the Brooklyn Bridge that we sailed under but the Staten Island bridge. You can keep them straight? Have you ever seen how many bridges are across the Hudson River? Anyway, on with the tale.

On Tuesday we docked at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. This part of Canada was settled by the Scots and they are very proud of their heritage. It is a beautiful city with reminders of Europe everywhere. We showed our photos to friends last night and they loved them. Commenting on how much the houses look like the ones found in England and Ireland. (by the way, these particular friends are headed there AGAIN in just a few weeks. We were invited to go but didn't have enough time off this year. Bummer)

Our planned excursion didn't leave until after lunch, so Hubby and I elected to get off the ship early and just walk the town. We walked down the boardwalk which is along the sea shore and visited the Maritime Museum. It has actual artifacts from the Titanic. Did I mention that this is the city that rescued and retrieved the passengers and crew of that fateful ship? They have an area in the city graveyard that is devoted to those people who perished in the accident and were either unclaimed by their families or unknown. We visited this place later on our excursion. Back to the museum. It has an actual deck chair, pieces of the carved woodwork and other items recovered from the wreck. But it also has model ships. LOTS of model ships and they actually build them here. Hubby had an interesting conversation with two of the builders. Boy do they do good work. It is so small. They told us that they use pieces of Wedding Veils for the fencing on the gates and such! We saw the actual light mechanisms from a couple of light houses, which are EVERYWHERE up here. The coast line is very rocky and has lots of cliffs. Lighthouses are placed on outcroppings of rocks, on islands, along cliffs, everywhere. And they are all beautiful.

The boardwalk has dolphin statues placed along it and each one is painted with different designs, much like the bears of Cherokee, North Carolina. We visited a local brewery where Hubby enjoyed a taste of a couple of specialty beers. I sipped both, but I don't really care for beer and was not impressed. But we had some interesting conversation with the bar tender. He did not have much good to say about the large breweries of America. But he was glad that the micro-breweries are becoming more available in the US.

We walked around some of the shops, but again most of the items were just too big or too heavy to bring back on a plane so we didn't purchase much. I got the grandsons a couple of flags and that was about it. Just didn't see anything small that we really liked. We did find some really nice nautical items, but again not easily brought home.

We returned to the ship and left the flags in our cabin, had lunch and headed back down the gangway to meet our bus. The bus took us to Peggy's Cove, a fabulous fishing village where life seems to have come to a stop around the turn of the century. The area got it's name because of a ship wreck where the only survivor was a young girl named Peggy. This is a cove off of St. Margaret's bay. The pictures we took here were beautiful. They look more like art than photos.
(Wish I could share some with you, but hopefully they will soon be on and if you really like them you can order some. We ship anywhere!)

After Peggy's cove we reboarded the bus and took a tour of more of the countryside. It is a most beautiful area. Much like the mountains of Tennessee in the TVA water area except that the shoreline is very rocky rather than the sloping coast of the Tennessee lakes. But they have many of the same trees and plants, they just don't get near as tall as in the mountains of Tennessee. They said this was due to the salt air. It was very pleasant and the temperatures were around 77 degrees. Everywhere you see lobster traps, fishing boats, etc. But the houses are mostly neat and well cared for. Apparently, Nova Scotia uses more PAINT than anyplace else in the world per person. This area has seen several tragic events. The Titanic being just one of them. Another shipwreck occurred the the narrow part the harbor when a relief ship and an ammo ship were heading in different direction through the most narrow part of the harbor and neither captain would give way. Naturally they scraped hulls in passing and since they were metal ships, sparks flew. The crew of the ammo ship knew what was about to happen and they jumped ship and swam to shore. They all survived, however the crew of the other ship and many thousands of citizens did not, when the resulting explosion blew away a rather large portion of the City. On his death bed some years later the captain of the ammo ship was asked if he would have done anything differently. He merely said, "I had the right of way." Can you believe that? During this time Boston, sent relief crews and supplies to Halifax to help out and to this day Halifax sends Boston a large fir tree to use at Christmas and gifts on July 4th.

Another tragic event was a plane crash in St. Margaret's bay which killed a couple hundred people. They erected monuments to these folks on both sides of the bay. In spite of all this evil in their history, these are very kind, and friendly people. We enjoyed our visit very much.

As we were leaving Halifax, many passengers spotted whales (including Hubby), But Not me, I had taken refuge in the cabin away from the wind. Too bad, like they say, "You snooze, you loose."

Next time the adventures of the Olson' at LaGuardia Airport on the return trip. I know you just can't wait.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 91

Wow! Talk about a quick week. It has gone by so fast it is a bit hard to believe it actually happened.

On Friday, July 30 at 6:20 pm vacation officially started. Hubby picked me up from work and we headed out. Spent the night in Jacksonville and made our flight from there to New York the next morning. Lovely flight to New York's LaGuardia Airport where we meet friends for lunch. Unfortunately, after you come out of the terminal into the baggage claim area (where our friends met us due to security) there is only a FEW places to eat. Believe me when I say a FEW. We finally found a Subway, but they only had one or two sandwiches to select from and so we took what we could get.

After we ate and said goodbye to our friends, we made our way to our transfer to the Carnival Glory for the cruise to Canada. The transfer was fun. We had to make our way thru downtown New York (42nd street, etc) and head to the docks. Our driver was great. He kept up a running commentary on the city traffic and pointed out some of the highlights of the route.

Once we made it to the Docks, we collected our luggage and headed into the cruise terminal. Since this was our first cruise as VIP's we didn't know what to expect. But it was GREAT! They had a special check in lane for us and we were immediately ushered to the gangway and entered the ship ahead of a LOT of other cruisers. By this time it was a little after noon so we knew we could not get into our stateroom until a bit later so we made our way to the Lido deck in search of food. Hubby wanted a Hot Dog. He always starts the cruise with one and this was no exception. Shortly after his hot dog disappeared we went on up to the rail to look out at the harbor. It was awesome. So much action all around us. The skyline was interesting and the Hudson River is HUGH!! We were very near the place where the plane landed in the river.

The ship was to leave port at 5pm so as soon as we were able to get into our stateroom, we took our carry ons and put them away, grabbed our cameras and hit the rails again. Sailing out of New York Harbor you have to pass right by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. She was magnificent and the Brooklyn Bridge was framing the ocean as we passed under it.

Our dinner was set for 6pm so we made our way to the dining room and enjoyed a wonderful meal and great service. During the week we ate such entrees as Lobster, Chateaubriand, Veal Parmesan, Escarole, Maui Maui, to name a few. The desserts were also great. I am so glad that we had been on a diet. I gained four pounds this week. But since dinner was at the wrong time to watch the ship leave land behind we didn't get to check for sea life.

Later in the cruise we did spot Harbor Seals, and Dolphin. I saw whale spray, but Hubby actually saw a whale breach the water. (I was inside out of the wind). This was our first cruise that was not heading south and we expected it to be a lot cooler than the others weather-wise. But I didn't expect it to be AS COOL as it was and had not taken a jacket. So our first stop in Canada was shopping time to purchase long sleeves.

That stop was in St. John, New Brunswick on Monday August 2. As we debarked the ship we were met by friendly natives who greeted the children with Canadian flags and the women with long stemmed roses. My rose was yellow to match the pants I was wearing that day. Our excursion guide was dressed in Loyalist Costume and she led us to the air conditioned bus aand we headed to St. Martin to visit the Reversing Falls. This is where the river meets the sea and where the highest tides in the world are found. I think they said that there is a 40 foot difference between low tide and high tide. It was impressive. We started out at Low Tide and the rapids of the river were visible. After stopping there we boarded the bus for a drive to Fundy Bay. Lunch at a lovely seafood place with marvelous chowder. Then we took a walk out on the ocean floor. Since it was low tide a lot of ocean floor was exposed. We saw sea caves that were underwater at high tide. They have these wonderful round rocks all over the beach. There are like the rocks that you find in the mountain streams where the edges have all been tumbled away and only round smooth rocks can be found. Very little of anything that can be called sand can be seen. Many of the rocks have veins of quartz or other minerals in them that look like rings running around the rock. When you find one of these, according to local legend you should make a wish and take the rock with you. When your wish comes true, you pass the rock on to someone else for them to make a wish. We found our wish rocks and made our wishes. They don't like for you to take more than one since there are Soooo many people visiting there each year. And they also said that you could make your wish and just toss the rock back, it would work as well. So Hubby did that, I however, chose to bring my rock home. I have this collection of rocks and shells from all the trips we have taken and wanted to add my wish rock to it.

After we finished at this location, we traveled back to the first stop to see the middle tide effects. I was quit different from the earlier morning visit although high tide was still hours away. Our ship was scheduled to sail around high tide so we would not be able to see it. From there we were taken back to the dock area where we had a little time to shop. Here is where I found my sweatshirt that saved me from freezing the rest of the trip.

The next day we were in Haliax Nova Scotia. I'll tell you all about that later. Got to run, meeting friends for dinner in town.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 78

It has been a week plus since I was able to get to this. Sorry folks. I can not begin to explain all the reasons why. Needless to say I have been busy. It's vacation time at work. Dot has been gone sine the 17th, Robin leave on the 27th and I get to go on the 31st. YEA!!! Hubby and I are taking a plane to New York City and catching a cruise ship to Canada for 5 days. Boy do I need it. I wanted to go to Atlanta this weekend to visit my daughter and her family, but there was just too much to do to get ready for the trip. I miss my grandsons and after seeing their cute pictures on I miss them even more. They are the most wonderful little guys on the planet. I will be itching to get to Atlanta as soon as we get back from Canada.

I finished a baby shower gift this week. It is in subdued colors of green, yellow, tan, and touches of orange and purple. The theme they are using is Classic Pooh so I hope it is going to go well in the nursery. Then I started using the left over yarns to make a granny square baby afghan. The centers of each square is a flower with raised petals. I think it is something that has not been done before, at least I have never seen anything like it. If I can get it finished in time maybe it will go to one of the craft shows that my daughter is doing next month.

Still haven't finished the two afghans that I have commissioned for October and Christmas. I really need to get past the crocheters block on the Christmas one. Haven't thought of exactly how I want to finish it. The other is a simple triple stitch that anchors around the stem of the stitch in the row before so that it forms vertical rows on the backside and horizontal rows on the front side. I just have to get back to it. It is all one color and one stitch so it is kind of boring for me. I like to mix it up. I generally take some needlework with me on the cruise, but I don't know what I will take this time around. Maybe the boring one.

Well, I have packing to finish so I will say good night and hopefully I will be back here at least once more before we leave.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 76

I am tired. It is all I can do to stay awake and type. I don't even know why. We really were not busy at work today and I haven't done much of anything since I got home. So I don't understand.

I did get the baby blanket finished and it turned out nicely. I don't know when I am going to give it to her. Not this week, maybe next. She is due in September, so I have plenty of time. I have to get back on the birthday blanket for my boss' daughter. Her birthday is in October I think.

I weighed in this morning and I have lost another 3.3 pounds. I don't really see how as much as I cheated this past weekend. But I trust the Wii to weigh me properly. Then we got another birthday party invitation for tomorrow night. Two friends have birthdays this week. More cake and ice cream. Plus they want us to jump in their pool too. Don't know if I am that brave yet, but we will see. I guess I better go hunt the swimsuit and pack a bag to take to work, since we won't have time to come home first.

Things are going to get interesting at work. Dot goes on vacation starting Friday and won't be back until the 27th. Robin leaves on the 26th and won't be back until August 2. I leave on the July 30th and will be back on August 6th. Sarah has a couple of doctor's appointment in there too. Robin will work commercial while Dot is gone and will do the vault while I am gone. She should not be bored for a couple of weeks.

I have been looking at foreclosures in the Valdosta area and have found a couple of houses that I think we could be happy in and probably afford. Of course we really don't want to live in Georgia, but the 25 mile commute one way for each of us is getting to be a bit much. It would save us a lot of time and money if we lived closer to where we work. The way it is now we put 100 miles a day on our cars and mine is about to quit. Lots of times Hubby will ride the motorcycle when the weather cooperates. But lately that has not been the case. If I can find something that will work for us and something that we can get financing on, I guess we will become real Georgians instead of 9 to 5 Georgians.

Got to go get stuff ready for tomorrow. Hope it is a good day for everyone. Later...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 75

Well, finally an evening with NO Thunderstorm. It is really difficult to blog on satellite internet when the storms are rolling through. So what have I been up to for the past week or so? Well, I finished a beautiful blue afghan as a birthday present for a dear customer at the bank. He was thrilled, and I forgot to take a picture to show you. Anyway, I am now working on a baby blanket for another customer of mine. She is due in September and her nursery is Classin Winnie the Pooh. So I am using a light tan, light green and pale yellow, mixed with some purple and orange thrown in for good measure. It is a Granny Square type pattern that I am making up as I go along. I have shown it to a couple of people at work and they think it will be perfect for the nursery. I am enjoying working on it alot.

I understand that Stress the Seams is going to be doing another craft show on the 31st. How do I know this? She posted on facebook that she needed a sitter for that day. Unfortunately, I will be in New York City that day and therefore will be unable to sit for my grandsons. Bummer. I am looking forward to vacation, but I will be sad that I can't spend time with the boys.

I have finally started going thru my closet to get rid of the items that I either don't wear or are now TOO big. Yea! I have lost about 15 pounds since I started tracking it. I finished my weight loss program with Thrive (seven weeks) with just over 10 pounds lost. I am not attending meetings anymore (since I didn't want to pay for it again) but I am trying to stay on track. This past weekend I really blew it bad. Hubby and I went to a birthday party with friends one night last week and then out to dinner at Red Lobster on Saturday night with another couple. I had a really good talapia and shrimp dish. I did not eat the biscuits. And did not have dessert.

On Sunday we rode the motorcycle to Peacock Springs State Park. Really the first time I had been to a place like this. It is a series of underwater tunnels that are filled with water from the many springs in the area. Divers were everywhere. The actual surface area of the water is rather small, but apparently the "ponds" are all connected underground and the divers travel thru the tunnels and have mapped out the whole system. If I could stand to get my head underwater (long story from Waaaay back) I might be tempted to try it myself. As it is Hubby has done some diving in his day and is thinking about getting re- certified so he can attempt the tunnels. Needless to say, I will be on the surface with a good book while he is diving. We took pictures of the flowers we found and some nice shots of the ponds and the rivers. I got a bit much sun on my feet (yea no socks and open top shoes) and arms. But it was nice riding. Too hot to stop for very long unless we were in the shade, but it was really fun.

Of course, Monday was back to the real world and work has been interesting. We had to send a teller to another branch on Monday, so we were one down. Then today that same teller called in sick, so again we were one down. We handled it and I think I am the only one who had to work extra hours because of it. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 68

Today was a holiday at the Bank. Since the 4th fell on Sunday we were closed. We will pay for it tomorrow morning, but today we were off. I got up as usual since Hubby had to go to work. We ate breakfast and then he left. I made the bed and straightened the room then moved on to the laundry, about 5 loads later I had it washed, dried, folded and mostly put away. Meanwhile I also scrubbed the bath room and cleaned several outfits out of my closet. Things that I just can't wear any more or didn't really care for anyway. Daughter is going to get most of them to "remake" into new and different things.

Then I swept the floors and did the rug in the living room, moved some boxes of junk out of the way and put away several items that were not in their correct place. I picked the blueberries and tomatoes, brought the canned drinks in from the car. Cleaned a few things out of the fridge, and thought about making dinner. However, Hubby talked me into Hungry Howies subs for dinner, another blow it day, but since I weighed earlier in the day and had actually lost .4 pounds, I don't feel too badly about it. I W ILL get back on track tomorrow, after all I will be back at work. LOL.

My mother-in-law is going back to Virginia with her daughter tomorrow for 3 weeks. We went over to say goodbye and she asked me to take care of her Christmas Cactus. Not a problem, it came over and is sitting beside my Jade Plant and Peace Lily. I think I really need to add some potting soil to all three. Maybe tomorrow evening. I think I am going to take it easy for the rest of tonight

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 67

Well this weekend was special and I blew it diet wise daily. Friday night I was stuck at the bank until 7:45 so I stopped on the way home and picked up Arby's for dinner. Then Saturday we had dinner with Hubby's sister and mother at the Mexican place in Quitman. Very pretty place and the food was good too. But I think I like the food at the one in Madison better. Then today we had a big Olson family dinner at Hubby's brother's house. Steak, potatoes (which aren't supposed to be eaten with beef on thrive) corn, salad, cake, strawberry shortcake, melon, coke. You know all the stuff on a summer dinner that was WAY more than I should have eaten, but it was all good. Tomorrow it is back on track and hope to undo the damage.

We also rode the motorcycle up to Valdosta for breakfast earlier at the Waffle House, but I was good and had an omlette but bad when I ate the hashbrowns. Then we rode over to Lake Park to the flea market and walked around for a while. Didn't buy a lot but it was fun. We were looking for a couple of DVD's since we seem to have miss placed Sahara and National Treasure. I know I loaned them to someone, but can not remember who.

Then we rode over by Blue Springs. Didn't go into the Park because we only had a few minutes to spend before we had to be back home for the family dinner. After dinner we tended to our Farmville Farms and then went over to Hubby's Mom's to play dominoes with his mother and sister. That was fun. Had more desserts and then we came home. Hubby has to work tomorrow and I have a LOT of house cleaning to do.

Sure do wish we had enough time to go visit my side of the family this weekend, but that was not the case as we both had to work Saturday morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend and remembered WHY this is a holiday. Be thankful for our forefathers and our current and past military personnel who have insured the freedoms that we enjoy. Also please everyone plan to vote in your local elections this year to insure that our freedoms remain.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 62

I had the best weekend ever!!! Got to take care of the twins from the time they woke up Saturday morning until 2pm all by myself. It was wonderful. They are really good boys and so much energy in one place, I have NEVER seen before. I played with them, fed them, changed them, chased them and loved them. They cuddle ever so sweetly. I am certainly looking forward to the next visit. They are getting so grown up.

The parents did really well at their craft show, which I never made it to. (long story). But they were excited at the connections they made and the prospects for additional shows and clients. It was hard work and they were both very tired Saturday night, but I think they were happy.

I had a pleasant drive back home and discovered on Monday morning that I had used muscles that had not been active for quite a while. Boy if I could do that every weekend I would be in shape really fast. However, when I weighted on Sunday evening, I had lost another 2.4 pounds. Hows that for cool?

Well I have other things to do. So I will catch you later!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 58

Well tonight was my final Thrive! Weight Loss class. I have lost a total of 10 pounds in the past 7 weeks. Not as good as I hoped but better than I was doing before. Will I keep up the program? You bet!! It isn't that difficult and I KNOW I can lose a LOT more weight. Just have to be firm when the Diet Devil speaks. I haven't measured yet to see how many inches I have lost but I know my clothes fit much looser. And my boss has commented on my butt being smaller so I must be working in the right direction.

Tomorrow after work I am heading to Atlanta for a Craft Show with my daughter and spend some time with the grandsons. I can't wait! I know it is going to be wonderful. Hubby is staying home to finish putting the clear coat on the Craps Table he has been building for such a long time. The smell of the stuff gives me a major headache, so he is going to take advantage of me being gone to get it done. Well, maybe not all the coats he wants to put on there, but a lot of them.

Have to go pack now, enjoy your weekend, I know I am going too!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 53

Sorry I missed blogging the past couple of days. My branch manager was on vacation and I was doing double duty. I also had a special meeting to attend on Thursday evening so I was home late. But I haven't been only working at work this week. I also created a couple more sets of napkin rings for the craft show and started on an afghan for my boss' daughter. I have LOTS of time to get that one finished. But I have a special customer at the bank who has a birthday coming up in July and I want to make him an afghan also. I finally found out his favorite color today so I can actually get started.

I have a birthday party to attend tonight and I was looking for a perfect card earlier today. I found a good one, but I also found a blow up parrot and sea horse for the twins. Can't wait to see their reaction next weekend. Hope they enjoyed their Tennessee vacation last week. I bet they are soooo much bigger than when I saw them last.

As for my Thrive! Weight Loss, I am in my seventh week. I have lost right at 9 1/2 pounds as of weigh in on Wednesday morning the 16th. I have been really good since then so I hope (fingers crossed) that I will be able to add to that total by next weigh in. Hubby has lost just over 10 pounds and he isn't REALLY trying. Well, he is wanting to lose, but not enough to STICK to the plan. He eats what I fix for his lunch and dinner but I think he is sneaking extra cokes, and snacks when I am not around. Gotta love him.

That's it for now, Later.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 48

In case you aren't aware, I live in North Florida near the Georgia state line. We get lots of thunderstorms in the spring and summer. We don't have fast internet available to us here at home so we purchased satellite internet a couple years ago. Satellite internet does not work in storms. There for I missed a Thrive! class tonight and an online meeting for STARFLEET. I'm actually surprised that it is working well enough for me to send this out.

Anyway, it was a busy weekend. We had to replace an air conditioner that simply quit now that the temperatures are reaching 100 degrees on a daily basis. That was lots of fun. But it is finished and working very well. We also started cleaning out the laundry room. Yep, it has been used as a storage area for many years and we finally got started. Of course the thunderstorm put an end to the progress this past weekend, but I still have hopes.

On the craft side of things, I made 3 slices of watermelon for the craft show. I sure hope I get to go. As things are right now, I should be able to make it. I am looking forward to seeing my family. I bought the twins t-shirts for the 4th of July today. They are adorable, I am certain that Mom and Dad are going to think so too.

I started on an afghan for a co-workers daughter. It is a pattern that I think I made up, but I guess I might have seen it somewhere before. Just can't remember seeing it. But it is going to be very time consuming. But when finished it should be soft and cuddly.

My manager is on vacation this week so I am covering for her. It was definitely interesting today and will be for the rest of the week, I am sure. With the new Federal Regulations concerning ATM and debit cards, we have to cover a lot more information in the few seconds we have with each customer. Please pay attention to the letter you are going to receive from your bank if you have an ATM or debit card. Make your choice and RETURN the letter signed to your bank, so that they can update your account information. Please do not just toss the letter.
I realize that a lot of junk mail is sent out by credit card companies and banks. But this one is important and you should pay attention to it.

Well, that's about it for now. Got to run and get things ready for tomorrow. Later.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 45

Today was one of THOSE days. I was scheduled to be at work at noon, but there was something that the boss and I didn't manage to get finished yesterday so I went in to the Bank at 8:30. I thought we might be able to audit the Traveler's Checks and the Short and Over records for the Tellers for last month before it got busy. I was wrong. My manager had some major problems to handle before we could sit down and do the maintenance work. So I just hung out in the break room and watched CSI until time to clock in.

Shortly before time to actually go to work, I developed one of those headaches that feels like someone is sticking pins into your temples. I took some medication, but all it did was dull the pain and make me very sleepy. I was actually having trouble counting and that is NOT good when you are working with money. However, I managed to balance both in my drawer and in the vault at the end of the day, so I guess all's well that ends well.

It is HOT in South Georgia right now. Everyone coming into the bank today was complaining about the heat. And that 30% chance of rain forecast for today, didn't happen.

I did manage to get the white napkin rings finished and almost finished the red ones. Just one more to go on those. That will make four sets of six for the craft show on the 26th.

Then I get home to discover that one of our air conditioners (the one in the Kitchen) has stopped blowing Cold Air. That makes it nearly impossible to cook in the kitchen. So we went to Hungry Howies for dinner. Hubby had is baked Italian Sub and I had a chicken salad. It was pretty good but way too much onion for me. I picked out most of it. But at least I didn't have to cook.

Hubby has the day off tomorrow but I have to work until noon. Shouldn't be too difficult and I can stop by Walmart on my way home to pick up meds and a few other things we will be needing this week. I know it doesn't sound like much fun for a Saturday, but we will probably go to dinner with our friends tomorrow evening, we do most Saturdays if we are in town. Then maybe I can just kick back for the remainder of the weekend.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 44

Today was a pleasant day at the Bank, slow but not stressful. We have some new Federal Regulations coming on board next Monday that we had training in yesterday and I had to explain to the tellers today. I don't think it will be difficult, just time consuming.

I tried to tune in to the Thrive Class tonight, but our internet is acting very weird. So slow that I missed most of the class. I only have one more class before my 7 weeks are up and I don't feel that I have gotten a lot out of the online classes due to the problems with our internet service. But I have learned a lot and I have lost 9+ pounds. I do think it is something I can keep doing even after the classes are finished.

Yesterday I made a set of 6 Royal Blue Napkin Rings, and today I made a set of White ones. I will work on the Red set tomorrow. I have already finished the tri-color set. I hope they are what my daughter was asking for to put in the craft show.

I finally found out what color yarn my boss wants me to make her daughter's afghan. So I can hopefully start that soon. I also want to make an afghan for a special customer. But this one I don't know what color to make. His birthday is July 11th, so I guess I better find out fast.

Well, I am a bit tired tonight, so I think I will end this and hit the sack. Later!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 44

Well this morning before I could even get my eyes open well, I got a phone call telling me one of my coworkers was ill. I had to go in 30 minutes earlier than expected. But things worked out well after all. It was not a really busy day and I managed to get everything done and on time.

After work, I came home to make dinner, try to catch my Thrive Class and do a little email catch up. The class didn't work out well, the video and sound were jumpy and not easy to catch what was being said. Tomorrow morning is weight in. I got the feed back on my journal from last week finally and I didn't do that well. Had 3 blow it day that week, so I doubt that I will have lost much weight this week either. But I hope I have. It would be really nice if I could get the feed back in a more timely manner so that I didn't make the same mistakes the next week.

My daughter asked for some napkin rings in red, white and blue. I managed to make a set of 6 today. Will work on more tomorrow during my double lunch breaks. Yep, in order to cover everything and not get overtime, I am taking two lunch hours a day for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will be there if anyone needs me but not on the clock. Works out pretty well as I get to watch TV and crochet in the break room.

Guess that is about it for now. Catch you later!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 42

Well, I got to stay home today. First weekend in 4 weeks. I managed to get the kitchen clean, the bathroom scrubbed, the rest of the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away, all the floors (some of which require getting down on hands and knees with a scrub brush to get them clean) and sorted thru a stack of old paperwork. The remaining paperwork needs to be filed, but not today.

I also managed to make 3 carrots and 3 olives this weekend for the craft show. Earlier this week I made an ear of corn with the shucks for my grandsons.

So the only thing I still have to do is work out the schedule for work this coming week. It is not working easily. I have to make sure everyone gets their time in, we have the bank covered from opening until closing and NO ONE gets overtime. Interesting challenge.

Hate to cut this short, but I really do have to get that schedule done. Later!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 41

Had to work this morning, but it was not bad. Just as we were logging out of the computers it came a DOWNPOUR. So we stuck it out a while longer until the rain slacked off. Meanwhile, there was an accident on the street right in front of our bank. They pulled the cars; wrecked, police and fire, into our parking lot to deal with it. Wasn't really sure we could leave, but we managed.

Came home and started the laundry, yep....finally got to the housework. Actually found the coffee table and the dining table. They had been buried under 3 weeks worth of junk mail and odds and ends. But I can actually find the surface to dust tomorrow.

We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with our regular Saturday night crowd that we had not seen in a month. It was fun, but our waiter must have been new. He was forever taking the orders and then got them mixed up and we had to sent two back to the kitchen to be redone. We sat down at 6 and left at 8 and we didn't waste much time once our food arrived. But the food was good and the company was great. So we didn't complain.

The rest of the group headed to the Mall to do some shopping, but Hubby and I came on home as we both have things to do. Like this blog!!! Anyway I am actually doing this while I wait for another couple of loads of laundry to finish.

Oh, I didn't mention what I ate, I had the spicy talapia with broccoli. It comes with brown rice with some sort of cheese, tomatoes and peppers in it, but I didn't eat that. I also drank 3 glasses of water. So I managed to stay on track. Unfortunately, I was still a bit hungry when we got home (30 minutes away) so I came in and had a couple pieces of celery...plain. That is a super food and counts as a freebie. So I didn't blow it today. YEA!!!

Talked to my Daughter today. She said that her Hubby is all better now after the accident. The doctor has released him and they were headed to Tennessee to visit friends and family for the week. She will also be getting some sewing done while up there since she broke a needle on her machine and blinded the optical eye. It will be in the shop for several weeks and she has some orders that need to go out. Luckily, a dear friend also has a "smart Machine" and she has offered to help out.

Well I have a couple of reports to do, one for work (scheduling) and the other is a financial report for the STARFLEET Marine Corps Quartermaster for the month. Guess I better get off here and get those done. See ya later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 40

I can't believe it has been more than a week since I wrote here. We had a great time at the Arch in St. Louis. We actually took the tram and rode to the top where there are windows to look down on the city. Spectacular view. We also walked thru the museum of the Westward Expansion and all around the grounds. Took bunches of pictures. The area around the arch has a lot of OLD buildings and is really cool. Train tracks run high up in the air and the bridges across the river are beautiful, especially the original one. Brick and steel. Very nice.

Then we ventured out of the city proper to visit friends and meet the new baby. She is beautiful. Latin coloring, with the dark eyes and hair and creamy skin. And smart! Can we say she is about perfect? Her parents think so and so do I.

It was not too difficult to stay on my Thrive Plan. Our hosts made pork loin on the grill on Saturday night and steaks on Sunday evening. But I put my Cat. I and II to work for me, so I didn't do too badly. However, the margarita with dinner Sunday night blew the day for me. As it was, I lost 1.1 pounds for the week. Almost back to even with the 1.2 I gained the week before.
I don't think we have any travel planned for this weekend, so maybe I can keep on track a bit better. I did discover that I really like the soy beans (edamame) I have been snacking on them for two days. You should really try them.. I found them in the frozen veggie section at Walmart.
They are really high in fiber, low in calories, high in vitamins. And they taste good!!! Don't bother buying the ones in the pod, since you throw the pod away and only eat the beans.

Work was rough this week. Since we had Monday off for the holiday, Tuesday was Monday times 2. Then a co-worker was ill on Thursday so we were short handed. Another had to go home a bit early today for upset stomach. Hope it isn't something going around.

Well I have to work in the morning so I better close for now. Hope everyone had a great week and with a bit of luck, I will be here tomorrow.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 32

Today I headed out the door about 30 minutes later than usual, as I had a doctor's appointment in Tallahassee. Drove Bugsy, our HHR and enjoyed the drive (except for the road construction as I got close to the destination). Actually arrived about an hour early, so I settled down in the waiting room with my current read. The Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell. I am almost finished with it and enjoyed the free time to savor the story.

The appointment was good. My doctor was thrilled with my blood work report. EVERYTHING was within Normal (imagine that word applied to me) Range. I guess Thrive! is working for me after all. My weight was not where I want it, but it was down from the last visit. Besides this is just week four for me. I will do it.

After the appointment, I retrieved Bugzy and we headed back to Valdosta and work. I had planned to be there by 1pm but you know how that goes. Road work, etc so I managed to be about 30 minutes late. But business was not brisk today and they were not in a bind. Since I had packed a lunch to eat on the way back to the bank, I actually managed to stay on track today. I have had 7 perfect days in a row. I just know the fat is dropping off. Can't wait to weigh in this next week.

Of course the trip to St. Louis this weekend could blow it if I am not VERY careful. Well I have to finish packing and get some sleep. This is going to be a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.
See ya on Monday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 31

Hi There!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. It is "hump day" today and starting tomorrow it is downhill to the weekend. Hubby and I are headed to St. Louis for the holiday weekend. Leaving after work Friday night and coming back on Monday. Yep, quick trip, but we have some really good friends up there who have a new baby (well, new last summer) and we have never seen her. So off we go.

This trip will be 3 weekends in a row we have been out of state. Hope this isn't going to be a trend that will last for a long time. I might need a weekend to rest in the near future. But I am looking forward to the trip. I have driven Through Missouri but never stopped for any amount of time. I am also looking forward to visiting the famous "Arch".

But on the way up we will be dropping off some materials at my daughters house in the Atlanta area. Some supplies for "MetalMan" and some fabric and the crocheted items I have finished for the craft faire next month. Hubby was right. The yellow squash does look much better. I finished the first yellow one (second squash) today and have the third one about half finished.
I still need to make that last tomato. Can't seem to get started on it for some reason.

Well, the Doctor's appointment thingy worked out well after all. One of my co-workers was scheduled to work 12 to 5 tomorrow and I was originally scheduled to work 8 - 12. She is planning to cook dinner for her son, daughter-in-law and their new baby tomorrow night and was more than happy to swap shifts with me. That way I get to make the appointment and she has extra time to prepare dinner. Great compromise.

I got the results of my journal back today and I did pretty well this past week as far as eating the right combos but I still don't understand why I gained weight instead of losing. Must have been the Long John Silver's and the popcorn. Think I will skip those this week.

That's about it for now. More later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 30

I managed to get to this tonight after all. My Thrive! meeting was not so good, the reception of the broadcast was very spotty. Didn't get a lot out of it. But they told me to try on Thursday night to redo this class. I am thinking that Thursday nights would be better for me anyway. That way I would actually be finished with my week before the class. However, weigh in was not good this week. Gained 1.5 pounds. Not exactly sure why, but hope I will do much better next week.

Today I did manage to start another fruit. Actually this is a veggie. Squash. The pattern I was using called for the white and green small hook neck version. I made one and Hubby said it was the "wrong color." So the next ones will be yellow and probably more recognizable. The squash is really easy and quick so I should be able to finish them tomorrow. I still have one tomato left to make for the sets.

Remember that blood work that I had done last week? Well the doctor's appointment is Thursday. I made the work schedule thinking that the appointment was at 2:30 pm.
Well they left me a message today that says the appointment is 10:15 am on Thursday. Bummer, I am going to have to see if I can rearrange the schedule so I can make the appointment. Not going to be easy, but all I can do it try. Or cancel the appointment. I really don't want to do that. But I might have to.

I was really nice this morning when I went outside to go to work. Cool and breezy. Kinda felt like a storm might be coming. Sure enough around noon we got rain in Valdosta. But when I got home it didn't look like it had rained here at all. I guess I need to go water the tomato plants. They seem a bit dry. Then I think I am going to hit the shower and turn in a little early tonight.
Have a wonderful evening and tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 29

Imagine this.... I'm actually posting two days in a row. I know, I should be doing that anyway, but real life gets in the way. But today was not a bad day considering. I NEARLY ran out of gas on the way to work. When I got to work I found out that the company had a big lay off on Friday last week, ad I was NOT one of the ones let go. I didn't get yelled at today by any of the customers who are now with Heritage Bank instead of us because their branch was sold and they didn't read their mail. (Had that happen a few times lately).

Of course I did find out that we aren't going to get our birthday off with pay anymore and we aren't going to get to accrue more than 3 weeks vacation at least for the present time. Everyone who already has more than 3 weeks doesn't get to take any more than 3 weeks this year. Also our 401K and Stock matching programs are now gone. But I still have a 401K and Stock in the company. Like I said already, not as bad a day as it could have been. And I was informed that Absolutely NO OVERTIME will be tolerated. So my job of scheduling just became a lot more difficult. But I do still have a job. :)

I did manage to finish the 3 apples for the craft show and the last of the 3 eggplants. So that gets added to the 3 oranges I already have. Tomorrow I hope to finish the third tomato and maybe start another fruit. Not sure which one right now.

I had set aside some boxes to bring home today to pack the stuff for the craft show and other stuff to take to the daughter's house next weekend, but forgot to get the boxes. Hope the cleaning crew doesn't dispose of them.

Tomorrow morning I get to weigh in again. Sure hope I have lost another 3 pounds. Of course the trips on the weekends do make it more difficult to stay on track. But I feel good about the diet. I have my Thrive! meeting tomorrow night so I don't know if I will actually get to post, but hope so. Until then, God Bless.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 28

Missed posting yesterday due to a visit to Alabama to see my brother, his wife and their 3 children. The middle one is graduating from high school this week and we will not be able to be there, so we went over this weekend. Nice drive, about 3 hours from home and not a lot of traffic. We went thru some old southern towns with some interesting homes. While we were there we visited a botanical garden and took lots of pictures of flowers.

I tried very hard to stay on my diet and hopefully I will continue to lose weight. We will know on Tuesday.

On the trip over, I managed to make a crocheted eggplant, and two apples. On the way back I finished the third apple (just have to make the leaves still) and almost finished the third eggplant. I am trying to make 3 of everything so that my daughter will have several of the same item for the craft show. Hopefully I will finish the last eggplant tomorrow and make the leaves for the apples. Then I will figure out what to do next. But tonight it is late and I am tired. I think I will head off to bed shortly.

Good night all.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 26

It's Friday. Where did the week go? I didn't get here last night because a co-worker loaned us Transformers (the movie). We had not seen it and it was interesting. A little too much CGI for my taste, but interesting none the less.

Today work was almost boring for a Friday. Very little traffic at all. Hope tomorrow will be a bit more active, as I have to work until noon. After that Hubby and I are headed to Alabama to visit my brother and his family. Have a niece graduating from high school this month. So I don't expect that I will be on the blog Saturday or maybe even Sunday as I don't know what time we will get home.

But in the meantime, I have managed to crochet 3 oranges, 2 tomatoes, and an eggplant for the craft fair. Also a set of napkin rings with coral flowers. I will hopefully get more crocheting done on the way to Alabama and on the way home.

That's about it for tonight. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 24

It's Tuesday, that means it is Thrive Weight Loss Meeting night. I weighed in this morning and have lost another 3.7 pounds. YEA! After the trip to Tennessee this past weekend, I was almost afraid to get on the scales, but I tried to be good even on the Blow It day. Unfortunately, I have another one of those tomorrow, as I still have to get that blood work done and that means no breakfast within an hour of waking up. But hopefully it will work out ok.

I had a feeling I should call my daughter today. (well, she did try to reach me this past weekend while we were away.) But when I called she had just heard that my son-in-law had been in an accident. Rear ended by a truck carrying a load of cement blocks. Heavy Metal if I ever heard of it. Anyway, he was at the hospital getting checked out when I call the second time. Hopefully, nothing serious, but the car is a goner.

Anyway, my daughter has asked for some crochet fruit and veggies for a craft show. So I better get busy as the show is June 26th in the Atlanta area. Maybe I can even manage to go to it if I am lucky.

Check out her blog at if you like interesting crafts and she is holding a contest to win one of the items featured on the blog this month.
Also if you are interested in photos of pretty places and interesting flowers, birds, and other animals, check out Hubby takes some awesome photos and the can be yours for a small fee.

Got to run and get to work on some apples.
See ya later.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 23

Hope you missed me. We left for Tennessee immediately after work Friday night and didn't get back home until Midnight Sunday night. No Blog for me for the entire weekend. But I got to spend a little time with my Sister and Brother-in-law and a lot of time in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The wild flowers are blooming and it was very nice. We took lots of pictures. (If anyone would like to view any of the pictures we take on our trips just go to and check them out). Tennessee had cooler temps than here in Florida or Georgia. Some rain but not enough to ruin the weekend. We had a good dinner with the family and brought home a box of interesting reading. It was a good weekend.

But I missed a phone call from the daughter. She has a craft show coming up and wants me to make some of the crochet fruit and veggies that I made for the grandsons. I need to find out when the show is so I can plan how much to make and how to get it to her.

Tomorrow is my weight in for Thrive. I sure hope I lost another 3 pounds. But won't know until tomorrow morning. Well, that is about it for tonight. Got to go wash the hair and get ready for work tomorrow.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 19

Well, again I forgot to blog yesterday. I got tied up placing orders for a club I belong to and totally missed blogging. I guess I am easily sidetracked. But here I am now and again we move forward.

Things were crazy at work today. If I didn't know better I would say it was a full moon. But hopefully Friday will be a good day at work. After that we are hoping to head to the mountains for the weekend. It should be very nice in East Tennessee this weekend.

I noticed as I was coming home this evening that I have "Tomatoes" on my tiny little plants. Several tiny little green balls of goodness growing on my porch. I can't wait for them to get big and turn red. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

I am still on the Thrive Weight Loss Program and doing quite well. Lost 3 pounds in the first week and actually don't miss all the sweets and other "poison" foods. Oh, another problem I had yesterday was my blood work. Since I have to get that done by the 20th I thought I would get it out of the way yesterday. WRONG! After I spoiled my diet day by not eating breakfast (fasting per instructions) the lab would not accept my new insurance card for the procedure. I was not happy. Called the HR Dept. as soon as I got to work and found another lab. I will try again next week. I hated having to use a blow it day just because I missed breakfast so at lunch I had another piece of birthday cake. I know, I know. It was a BAD thing to do, but the cake was sooooo good. Anyway today I have been very good and now I need to go make dinner. Hubby will be wondering where his dinner is very shortly.

See ya later.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 17

Oooops, I had an Online meeting last night and totally forgot about the blog. So Sorry. It was a day that I don't wish to dwell on anyway, so lets just move on, OK?

Today started off even worse than yesterday. (yep, the problems carried over at work.) Could NOT get the combo to work properly on the main vault until the fourth try. So I was a nervous wreck. The problem with the computer for the vault held on until around 11, but then it was fixed. YEA!!

One of the things that was bad yesterday was one of my co-worker's lost her Grandmother. She is pretty upset about it, but the lady was 92 so she has had a good long life and is in a better place.

One of the great things about today is that another co-worker's grandson was born. It is her 9th but the only one belonging to her only son. A 6+ pound red head boy. She sure is proud and with good reason.

Another good thing today is it is the last day of the first week of my Thrive Weight Loss Program. Ta Da! I have lost 3 pounds since last Wednesday. And that was with a birthday included. Tomorrow will be a blow it day because I have to have that blood work done that I put off last week. So I can't eat breakfast and that will blow it anyway. So I guess I will not worry to much about what I eat tomorrow, but I don't want to be a HOG, just have a few things that I can't have on other days, like birthday cake and ice cream. I still have some left. I might even have a Dr. Pepper if I feel like it. But I am serious about losing the weight so I won't have too much not on the program. Would not want to gain back the 3 I've lost already.

Well, I guess that is about it for tonight. See ya later.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 15

It's Mother's Day!! As I am a mother (although hubby has never had kids; mine are from a former marriage and were grown when we met) I was taken out for breakfast and asked if there was anything I wanted to do today. Well, I managed to stay on the diet at breakfast and as it was a lovey, breezy day here in North Florida, we choose to do yard work. But first we had to make a trip to the store. Tractor Supply had the Critter Feed we needed for the squirrels and raccoons. Home Depot had the weed eater and cord we needed to put a finishing touch on the yard. Of course we had to get gas for the mower. Then home again to finish the job. We had started earlier while it was really cool and finished up around 6ish. Yard is mowed and trimmed. Flower beds are cleaned out. The 4 huge logs that hubby brought home a couple of years ago when I wanted to make the yard look like a boat dock (yea, never happened) are now lining the drive and look much nicer there than where they were. However, I hope to plant some colorful flowers behind them, maybe some Zinnias would look nice. It is mostly in the hot sun so it would need to be something that can take the Florida sun for long periods.

The flower napkin rings that I crocheted and the recipes that I put in them were a hit with the ladies at work as well as the friends at dinner last night. Hey, I was soooo good. We went to the Longhorn Steak house but the wait was 2 hours long. So we changed the plan and ate at Ryan's. It was very good and I was able to stick to the diet plan. However, afterward we went to a dear friend's house for birthday cake and ice cream and dominoes. I played the dominoes and passed on the cake and ice cream. They had my favorite cake too, Key Lime. But they understand since two of the ladies have just finished up the Thrive Weight Loss Plan. In fact they are the reason I am on it. They shared tips and samples of the "goodies" allowed on the diet. So it was a very productive as well as pleasant evening. I just have to ignore the remainder of the cake sitting in my fridge until a Blow It Day.

My mother-in-law also loved the flower ring and recipe. And the flowers we gave her are beautiful even if I do say so myself. Well I am about ready for that bubble bath and relaxing evening I promised myself earlier.
Hope you all had a very Happy Mother's Day too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 14

OOOOPs!! I forgot to post yesterday. I didn't skip Day 13 for any superstitious reason. I just had so many Birthday wishes coming in that I simply forgot about the blog. I am very sorry. It was a great birthday. Started off with a awesome card from hubby and an offer of dinner out. (But I'm on a diet, remember?) So we had our cereal for breakfast and I packed our diet lunches and snacks. Off to work we go, Hi HO, Hi HO. Well that is were the diet ended for the day.

The girls at work brought in home made beef stew (my favorite!!) and white rice, green beans, rolls, and dessert. Cheesecake and Birthday Cake. Well, I could have been good, but I wasn't. (And I brought a bowl of rice and stew home to hubby too).

In honor of Mother's Day I had made a basket full of crocheted flowers and tied them around copies of one of our favorite dessert recipes. I let the girls all choose their favorite flower from the basket. They had fun doing that.

I had to make a couple repeats when I got home because I plan to let my other friends select flowers at dinner tonight and wanted to have a nice selection to pick from. Speaking of dinner we are going to the Longhorn Steak house in honor of my birthday, but I THINK I can keep to the diet this time. Unless of course someone insists on Cake. Guess I had better go get ready for dinner. Yummmmm....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 12

Hope everyone had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo yesterday. Today was day two of my Thrive and it was a bit rougher. I had the cereal and skim milk for breakfast, but chose a Peanut Butter and Jelly (sugar free) on whole wheat sandwich for lunch. Then I had a 1/2 cup dry cereal for snack. By the time I got out of the Bank I was starving! I came home and made turkey breast and asparagus for dinner. Well, neither hubby nor I really care that much for asparagus, but it was different that broccoli which we had last night and will probably have tomorrow night too.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's my birthday. Yea, I know. Didn't plan the diet thingy real well, did I? Don't want to use a "blow it" day just yet, but we will see how it goes. Hopefully, the girls at work aren't planning anything because we are short handed and have been busier the last few days. I haven't mentioned it so maybe they will over look the date.

Mother's day is Sunday. Still have some shopping to do for that too. But today I stopped by MICHEAL'S and picked up the cloth for the cross stitch I am planning for a friends baby. It is a soft pink color and now I have to pick out the design. I sure hope hubby still has the computer program working to make the pattern.

Guess that is it for now. Got to go do the dishes and pick out my pattern. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 11

Wow!! I can't believe I have actually been blogging for 11 days. Well, not really if you count the days that I skipped, but still, that isn't bad.

Today was the first day of my Thrive Weight Loss meals and I must say it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I had a bit of trouble drinking all the water they want, but I finally managed to get about 100 ounces down. After the food poisoning last Monday, I guess I must have been dehydrated cos I didn't have to make as many trips to the restroom as usual.

Hubby is trying to do the same meals as I do, but his portions are a bit bigger and he gets one more snack than I do. He just hates giving up his coffee. Of course he drinks a little coffee in his sugar and creamer, lol.

In trying to figure out what groceries to buy (and being sick) I haven't managed to work on any crafts projects this week. I did get the flower napkin holders done for the girls I work with at the Bank. Hope they will like them. I know they will like the recipe that goes with them.

Have a great evening and hope tomorrow is another great day for everyone.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 10

Well, day nine got skipped because it was a REALLY BAD day. Hubby and I woke up with food poison. Horrible stomach cramps and all the trimmings. Had to go to work anyway as we have a girl on vacation and it was Monday the first of the month. However, I left a couple hours early and hit the bed. Stayed there (except for trips to the bathroom) until this morning.

Today was better, but still hurt. Don't ever want a pizza from our convenience store again!!! But today was my first class for Thrive Weight Loss. It was definitely interesting. The instructor was very good and it seems make a lot of sense. Hubby took my measurements and I got on the scales. Bad, very bad. But it should be a lot better in 7 weeks.

I worked a little more on the afghan that I am making and I think the next strip will be the background color (red) with sea shells worked into it. At least, that is what I am going to try. We'll see how it works out.

That's it for now, going to hit the hay early tonight.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day Eight

This weekend has been interesting. I had to work at the Bank Saturday morning and the fallout from Friday afternoon was still hanging on. But I made it through. Then we were supposed to go to dinner with friends at the OUTBACK and to a birthday celebration after that, BUT my hubby's computer crashed and required mucho attention. But his mother called and rescued me. She wanted to go to the Mexican Cafe in town for dinner and he couldn't tell her no. It was a wonderful dinner and we got back in time for him to install the new hard drive and reload some of the programs. Of course it is always worth a few harsh words when you are fighting with a computer. (and I don't think the computer cared one little bit what he said to it.) But as I sit here writing this, I hear his music playing loud and clear. So apparently everything is all better now!

Anyway it was late (around 2a.m.) when we headed to bed last night so it was a late morning. When we finally opened our eyes the sun was high and tummies were growling. So we hopped on the bike and headed for the Waffle House in town. It was busy, but we finally got our usual weekend breakfast and headed back to work on the computer some more. Before he sat down to the computer, hubby took squirrel food out and put it in the old mailbox we attached to the big oak tree outside our back window. The squirrels and raccoons love it! We have spent many hours enjoying watching them working to get the treats. We also have a very nice wooden bird feeder out there and every now and then the squirrels try to get into it. This results in some interesting antics also.

We got the mailbox when my Mother-in-law needed a new one because the door would not stay shut and the mail was getting wet on rainy days. We could have just thrown it away but I thought it would make an interesting item for the squirrels and boy was I right!