Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 31

Hi There!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. It is "hump day" today and starting tomorrow it is downhill to the weekend. Hubby and I are headed to St. Louis for the holiday weekend. Leaving after work Friday night and coming back on Monday. Yep, quick trip, but we have some really good friends up there who have a new baby (well, new last summer) and we have never seen her. So off we go.

This trip will be 3 weekends in a row we have been out of state. Hope this isn't going to be a trend that will last for a long time. I might need a weekend to rest in the near future. But I am looking forward to the trip. I have driven Through Missouri but never stopped for any amount of time. I am also looking forward to visiting the famous "Arch".

But on the way up we will be dropping off some materials at my daughters house in the Atlanta area. Some supplies for "MetalMan" and some fabric and the crocheted items I have finished for the craft faire next month. Hubby was right. The yellow squash does look much better. I finished the first yellow one (second squash) today and have the third one about half finished.
I still need to make that last tomato. Can't seem to get started on it for some reason.

Well, the Doctor's appointment thingy worked out well after all. One of my co-workers was scheduled to work 12 to 5 tomorrow and I was originally scheduled to work 8 - 12. She is planning to cook dinner for her son, daughter-in-law and their new baby tomorrow night and was more than happy to swap shifts with me. That way I get to make the appointment and she has extra time to prepare dinner. Great compromise.

I got the results of my journal back today and I did pretty well this past week as far as eating the right combos but I still don't understand why I gained weight instead of losing. Must have been the Long John Silver's and the popcorn. Think I will skip those this week.

That's about it for now. More later.

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