Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day Eight

This weekend has been interesting. I had to work at the Bank Saturday morning and the fallout from Friday afternoon was still hanging on. But I made it through. Then we were supposed to go to dinner with friends at the OUTBACK and to a birthday celebration after that, BUT my hubby's computer crashed and required mucho attention. But his mother called and rescued me. She wanted to go to the Mexican Cafe in town for dinner and he couldn't tell her no. It was a wonderful dinner and we got back in time for him to install the new hard drive and reload some of the programs. Of course it is always worth a few harsh words when you are fighting with a computer. (and I don't think the computer cared one little bit what he said to it.) But as I sit here writing this, I hear his music playing loud and clear. So apparently everything is all better now!

Anyway it was late (around 2a.m.) when we headed to bed last night so it was a late morning. When we finally opened our eyes the sun was high and tummies were growling. So we hopped on the bike and headed for the Waffle House in town. It was busy, but we finally got our usual weekend breakfast and headed back to work on the computer some more. Before he sat down to the computer, hubby took squirrel food out and put it in the old mailbox we attached to the big oak tree outside our back window. The squirrels and raccoons love it! We have spent many hours enjoying watching them working to get the treats. We also have a very nice wooden bird feeder out there and every now and then the squirrels try to get into it. This results in some interesting antics also.

We got the mailbox when my Mother-in-law needed a new one because the door would not stay shut and the mail was getting wet on rainy days. We could have just thrown it away but I thought it would make an interesting item for the squirrels and boy was I right!

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