Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 14

OOOOPs!! I forgot to post yesterday. I didn't skip Day 13 for any superstitious reason. I just had so many Birthday wishes coming in that I simply forgot about the blog. I am very sorry. It was a great birthday. Started off with a awesome card from hubby and an offer of dinner out. (But I'm on a diet, remember?) So we had our cereal for breakfast and I packed our diet lunches and snacks. Off to work we go, Hi HO, Hi HO. Well that is were the diet ended for the day.

The girls at work brought in home made beef stew (my favorite!!) and white rice, green beans, rolls, and dessert. Cheesecake and Birthday Cake. Well, I could have been good, but I wasn't. (And I brought a bowl of rice and stew home to hubby too).

In honor of Mother's Day I had made a basket full of crocheted flowers and tied them around copies of one of our favorite dessert recipes. I let the girls all choose their favorite flower from the basket. They had fun doing that.

I had to make a couple repeats when I got home because I plan to let my other friends select flowers at dinner tonight and wanted to have a nice selection to pick from. Speaking of dinner we are going to the Longhorn Steak house in honor of my birthday, but I THINK I can keep to the diet this time. Unless of course someone insists on Cake. Guess I had better go get ready for dinner. Yummmmm....

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