Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 30

I managed to get to this tonight after all. My Thrive! meeting was not so good, the reception of the broadcast was very spotty. Didn't get a lot out of it. But they told me to try on Thursday night to redo this class. I am thinking that Thursday nights would be better for me anyway. That way I would actually be finished with my week before the class. However, weigh in was not good this week. Gained 1.5 pounds. Not exactly sure why, but hope I will do much better next week.

Today I did manage to start another fruit. Actually this is a veggie. Squash. The pattern I was using called for the white and green small hook neck version. I made one and Hubby said it was the "wrong color." So the next ones will be yellow and probably more recognizable. The squash is really easy and quick so I should be able to finish them tomorrow. I still have one tomato left to make for the sets.

Remember that blood work that I had done last week? Well the doctor's appointment is Thursday. I made the work schedule thinking that the appointment was at 2:30 pm.
Well they left me a message today that says the appointment is 10:15 am on Thursday. Bummer, I am going to have to see if I can rearrange the schedule so I can make the appointment. Not going to be easy, but all I can do it try. Or cancel the appointment. I really don't want to do that. But I might have to.

I was really nice this morning when I went outside to go to work. Cool and breezy. Kinda felt like a storm might be coming. Sure enough around noon we got rain in Valdosta. But when I got home it didn't look like it had rained here at all. I guess I need to go water the tomato plants. They seem a bit dry. Then I think I am going to hit the shower and turn in a little early tonight.
Have a wonderful evening and tomorrow.

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