Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 17

Oooops, I had an Online meeting last night and totally forgot about the blog. So Sorry. It was a day that I don't wish to dwell on anyway, so lets just move on, OK?

Today started off even worse than yesterday. (yep, the problems carried over at work.) Could NOT get the combo to work properly on the main vault until the fourth try. So I was a nervous wreck. The problem with the computer for the vault held on until around 11, but then it was fixed. YEA!!

One of the things that was bad yesterday was one of my co-worker's lost her Grandmother. She is pretty upset about it, but the lady was 92 so she has had a good long life and is in a better place.

One of the great things about today is that another co-worker's grandson was born. It is her 9th but the only one belonging to her only son. A 6+ pound red head boy. She sure is proud and with good reason.

Another good thing today is it is the last day of the first week of my Thrive Weight Loss Program. Ta Da! I have lost 3 pounds since last Wednesday. And that was with a birthday included. Tomorrow will be a blow it day because I have to have that blood work done that I put off last week. So I can't eat breakfast and that will blow it anyway. So I guess I will not worry to much about what I eat tomorrow, but I don't want to be a HOG, just have a few things that I can't have on other days, like birthday cake and ice cream. I still have some left. I might even have a Dr. Pepper if I feel like it. But I am serious about losing the weight so I won't have too much not on the program. Would not want to gain back the 3 I've lost already.

Well, I guess that is about it for tonight. See ya later.

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