Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 32

Today I headed out the door about 30 minutes later than usual, as I had a doctor's appointment in Tallahassee. Drove Bugsy, our HHR and enjoyed the drive (except for the road construction as I got close to the destination). Actually arrived about an hour early, so I settled down in the waiting room with my current read. The Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell. I am almost finished with it and enjoyed the free time to savor the story.

The appointment was good. My doctor was thrilled with my blood work report. EVERYTHING was within Normal (imagine that word applied to me) Range. I guess Thrive! is working for me after all. My weight was not where I want it, but it was down from the last visit. Besides this is just week four for me. I will do it.

After the appointment, I retrieved Bugzy and we headed back to Valdosta and work. I had planned to be there by 1pm but you know how that goes. Road work, etc so I managed to be about 30 minutes late. But business was not brisk today and they were not in a bind. Since I had packed a lunch to eat on the way back to the bank, I actually managed to stay on track today. I have had 7 perfect days in a row. I just know the fat is dropping off. Can't wait to weigh in this next week.

Of course the trip to St. Louis this weekend could blow it if I am not VERY careful. Well I have to finish packing and get some sleep. This is going to be a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.
See ya on Monday.

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