Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 40

I can't believe it has been more than a week since I wrote here. We had a great time at the Arch in St. Louis. We actually took the tram and rode to the top where there are windows to look down on the city. Spectacular view. We also walked thru the museum of the Westward Expansion and all around the grounds. Took bunches of pictures. The area around the arch has a lot of OLD buildings and is really cool. Train tracks run high up in the air and the bridges across the river are beautiful, especially the original one. Brick and steel. Very nice.

Then we ventured out of the city proper to visit friends and meet the new baby. She is beautiful. Latin coloring, with the dark eyes and hair and creamy skin. And smart! Can we say she is about perfect? Her parents think so and so do I.

It was not too difficult to stay on my Thrive Plan. Our hosts made pork loin on the grill on Saturday night and steaks on Sunday evening. But I put my Cat. I and II to work for me, so I didn't do too badly. However, the margarita with dinner Sunday night blew the day for me. As it was, I lost 1.1 pounds for the week. Almost back to even with the 1.2 I gained the week before.
I don't think we have any travel planned for this weekend, so maybe I can keep on track a bit better. I did discover that I really like the soy beans (edamame) I have been snacking on them for two days. You should really try them.. I found them in the frozen veggie section at Walmart.
They are really high in fiber, low in calories, high in vitamins. And they taste good!!! Don't bother buying the ones in the pod, since you throw the pod away and only eat the beans.

Work was rough this week. Since we had Monday off for the holiday, Tuesday was Monday times 2. Then a co-worker was ill on Thursday so we were short handed. Another had to go home a bit early today for upset stomach. Hope it isn't something going around.

Well I have to work in the morning so I better close for now. Hope everyone had a great week and with a bit of luck, I will be here tomorrow.

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