Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 44

Today was a pleasant day at the Bank, slow but not stressful. We have some new Federal Regulations coming on board next Monday that we had training in yesterday and I had to explain to the tellers today. I don't think it will be difficult, just time consuming.

I tried to tune in to the Thrive Class tonight, but our internet is acting very weird. So slow that I missed most of the class. I only have one more class before my 7 weeks are up and I don't feel that I have gotten a lot out of the online classes due to the problems with our internet service. But I have learned a lot and I have lost 9+ pounds. I do think it is something I can keep doing even after the classes are finished.

Yesterday I made a set of 6 Royal Blue Napkin Rings, and today I made a set of White ones. I will work on the Red set tomorrow. I have already finished the tri-color set. I hope they are what my daughter was asking for to put in the craft show.

I finally found out what color yarn my boss wants me to make her daughter's afghan. So I can hopefully start that soon. I also want to make an afghan for a special customer. But this one I don't know what color to make. His birthday is July 11th, so I guess I better find out fast.

Well, I am a bit tired tonight, so I think I will end this and hit the sack. Later!

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