Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 41

Had to work this morning, but it was not bad. Just as we were logging out of the computers it came a DOWNPOUR. So we stuck it out a while longer until the rain slacked off. Meanwhile, there was an accident on the street right in front of our bank. They pulled the cars; wrecked, police and fire, into our parking lot to deal with it. Wasn't really sure we could leave, but we managed.

Came home and started the laundry, yep....finally got to the housework. Actually found the coffee table and the dining table. They had been buried under 3 weeks worth of junk mail and odds and ends. But I can actually find the surface to dust tomorrow.

We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with our regular Saturday night crowd that we had not seen in a month. It was fun, but our waiter must have been new. He was forever taking the orders and then got them mixed up and we had to sent two back to the kitchen to be redone. We sat down at 6 and left at 8 and we didn't waste much time once our food arrived. But the food was good and the company was great. So we didn't complain.

The rest of the group headed to the Mall to do some shopping, but Hubby and I came on home as we both have things to do. Like this blog!!! Anyway I am actually doing this while I wait for another couple of loads of laundry to finish.

Oh, I didn't mention what I ate, I had the spicy talapia with broccoli. It comes with brown rice with some sort of cheese, tomatoes and peppers in it, but I didn't eat that. I also drank 3 glasses of water. So I managed to stay on track. Unfortunately, I was still a bit hungry when we got home (30 minutes away) so I came in and had a couple pieces of celery...plain. That is a super food and counts as a freebie. So I didn't blow it today. YEA!!!

Talked to my Daughter today. She said that her Hubby is all better now after the accident. The doctor has released him and they were headed to Tennessee to visit friends and family for the week. She will also be getting some sewing done while up there since she broke a needle on her machine and blinded the optical eye. It will be in the shop for several weeks and she has some orders that need to go out. Luckily, a dear friend also has a "smart Machine" and she has offered to help out.

Well I have a couple of reports to do, one for work (scheduling) and the other is a financial report for the STARFLEET Marine Corps Quartermaster for the month. Guess I better get off here and get those done. See ya later.

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