Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 53

Sorry I missed blogging the past couple of days. My branch manager was on vacation and I was doing double duty. I also had a special meeting to attend on Thursday evening so I was home late. But I haven't been only working at work this week. I also created a couple more sets of napkin rings for the craft show and started on an afghan for my boss' daughter. I have LOTS of time to get that one finished. But I have a special customer at the bank who has a birthday coming up in July and I want to make him an afghan also. I finally found out his favorite color today so I can actually get started.

I have a birthday party to attend tonight and I was looking for a perfect card earlier today. I found a good one, but I also found a blow up parrot and sea horse for the twins. Can't wait to see their reaction next weekend. Hope they enjoyed their Tennessee vacation last week. I bet they are soooo much bigger than when I saw them last.

As for my Thrive! Weight Loss, I am in my seventh week. I have lost right at 9 1/2 pounds as of weigh in on Wednesday morning the 16th. I have been really good since then so I hope (fingers crossed) that I will be able to add to that total by next weigh in. Hubby has lost just over 10 pounds and he isn't REALLY trying. Well, he is wanting to lose, but not enough to STICK to the plan. He eats what I fix for his lunch and dinner but I think he is sneaking extra cokes, and snacks when I am not around. Gotta love him.

That's it for now, Later.

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