Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 15

It's Mother's Day!! As I am a mother (although hubby has never had kids; mine are from a former marriage and were grown when we met) I was taken out for breakfast and asked if there was anything I wanted to do today. Well, I managed to stay on the diet at breakfast and as it was a lovey, breezy day here in North Florida, we choose to do yard work. But first we had to make a trip to the store. Tractor Supply had the Critter Feed we needed for the squirrels and raccoons. Home Depot had the weed eater and cord we needed to put a finishing touch on the yard. Of course we had to get gas for the mower. Then home again to finish the job. We had started earlier while it was really cool and finished up around 6ish. Yard is mowed and trimmed. Flower beds are cleaned out. The 4 huge logs that hubby brought home a couple of years ago when I wanted to make the yard look like a boat dock (yea, never happened) are now lining the drive and look much nicer there than where they were. However, I hope to plant some colorful flowers behind them, maybe some Zinnias would look nice. It is mostly in the hot sun so it would need to be something that can take the Florida sun for long periods.

The flower napkin rings that I crocheted and the recipes that I put in them were a hit with the ladies at work as well as the friends at dinner last night. Hey, I was soooo good. We went to the Longhorn Steak house but the wait was 2 hours long. So we changed the plan and ate at Ryan's. It was very good and I was able to stick to the diet plan. However, afterward we went to a dear friend's house for birthday cake and ice cream and dominoes. I played the dominoes and passed on the cake and ice cream. They had my favorite cake too, Key Lime. But they understand since two of the ladies have just finished up the Thrive Weight Loss Plan. In fact they are the reason I am on it. They shared tips and samples of the "goodies" allowed on the diet. So it was a very productive as well as pleasant evening. I just have to ignore the remainder of the cake sitting in my fridge until a Blow It Day.

My mother-in-law also loved the flower ring and recipe. And the flowers we gave her are beautiful even if I do say so myself. Well I am about ready for that bubble bath and relaxing evening I promised myself earlier.
Hope you all had a very Happy Mother's Day too.

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