Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 26

It's Friday. Where did the week go? I didn't get here last night because a co-worker loaned us Transformers (the movie). We had not seen it and it was interesting. A little too much CGI for my taste, but interesting none the less.

Today work was almost boring for a Friday. Very little traffic at all. Hope tomorrow will be a bit more active, as I have to work until noon. After that Hubby and I are headed to Alabama to visit my brother and his family. Have a niece graduating from high school this month. So I don't expect that I will be on the blog Saturday or maybe even Sunday as I don't know what time we will get home.

But in the meantime, I have managed to crochet 3 oranges, 2 tomatoes, and an eggplant for the craft fair. Also a set of napkin rings with coral flowers. I will hopefully get more crocheting done on the way to Alabama and on the way home.

That's about it for tonight. Have a great weekend.

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