Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day Seven

Well, again there was no day 6..... things were really crazy at the bank. We were all getting ready for Relay for Life, you know gathering up last minute donations, and stuff so Sarah (our team captain) was out of the bank for a portion of the day. That left us short handed on a Friday - the 1st of the month. Need I say more???? Anyway, when it came time to balance for the day, it was difficult. We managed to mess things up pretty good. Then the storm clouds rolled in with thunder and lightening and pretty well canceled Relay.

I had another sinus headache from H___ and elected to just come home. We even did Hungry Howie's for dinner since I did NOT feel like cooking.

Today was my Saturday to work, and it was also crazy. Got my monthly reports done and hope Monday is going to be the start of a better month for us all. A lot of our friends are in Tampa today at a Science Fiction Convention. Wish we could have gone.

I don't think I have mentioned that I have been commissioned to make an afghan for a Christmas present for the parents of one of my co-workers. It will have their last name spelled out in Nautical Flags and be done in Red, Blue, White, Yellow. Very colorful and it will be used in their beach house. I finally got the flags section finished this morning and now I am trying to figure out what to put on either side of the flags to make the afghan the proper size. This one worked out better than the two I did for my grandsons since I crocheted the flag sections as one piece rather than doing each as a square and stitching them together. Less seams and a smoother appearance. I like it much better and I think the sponsor will also.

I am also working on those Mother's Day gifts for co-workers and friends. Just about got them finished. Hopefully I will have a basket full by Sunday evening.
That will give me a whole week of relaxing time before Mother's Day. Yea!!! I like it when things finish before we get to the wire.

That's it for now. Maybe more later if I get a lot accomplished this afternoon. Right now my washer has finished and the dryer is hungry. My kitchen and bath are both feeling rather neglected also. Much to do.

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