Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 11

Wow!! I can't believe I have actually been blogging for 11 days. Well, not really if you count the days that I skipped, but still, that isn't bad.

Today was the first day of my Thrive Weight Loss meals and I must say it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I had a bit of trouble drinking all the water they want, but I finally managed to get about 100 ounces down. After the food poisoning last Monday, I guess I must have been dehydrated cos I didn't have to make as many trips to the restroom as usual.

Hubby is trying to do the same meals as I do, but his portions are a bit bigger and he gets one more snack than I do. He just hates giving up his coffee. Of course he drinks a little coffee in his sugar and creamer, lol.

In trying to figure out what groceries to buy (and being sick) I haven't managed to work on any crafts projects this week. I did get the flower napkin holders done for the girls I work with at the Bank. Hope they will like them. I know they will like the recipe that goes with them.

Have a great evening and hope tomorrow is another great day for everyone.

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