Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 24

It's Tuesday, that means it is Thrive Weight Loss Meeting night. I weighed in this morning and have lost another 3.7 pounds. YEA! After the trip to Tennessee this past weekend, I was almost afraid to get on the scales, but I tried to be good even on the Blow It day. Unfortunately, I have another one of those tomorrow, as I still have to get that blood work done and that means no breakfast within an hour of waking up. But hopefully it will work out ok.

I had a feeling I should call my daughter today. (well, she did try to reach me this past weekend while we were away.) But when I called she had just heard that my son-in-law had been in an accident. Rear ended by a truck carrying a load of cement blocks. Heavy Metal if I ever heard of it. Anyway, he was at the hospital getting checked out when I call the second time. Hopefully, nothing serious, but the car is a goner.

Anyway, my daughter has asked for some crochet fruit and veggies for a craft show. So I better get busy as the show is June 26th in the Atlanta area. Maybe I can even manage to go to it if I am lucky.

Check out her blog at Stresstheseams.blogspot.com if you like interesting crafts and she is holding a contest to win one of the items featured on the blog this month.
Also if you are interested in photos of pretty places and interesting flowers, birds, and other animals, check out whosphotography.com. Hubby takes some awesome photos and the can be yours for a small fee.

Got to run and get to work on some apples.
See ya later.

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