Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day Five

Sorry, there was no Day Four. I was very ill with a sinus headache. Yea, one of those that makes your ear and jaw hurt. It comes along with an upset stomach and trouble seeing. If you don't know what I am talking about, thank your lucky stars. Anyway, today was much better. Still don't feel well, but at least I don't hurt like I did yesterday.

So after spending the day in bed and on the sofa yesterday, I went back to work today. I also had dinner out with my hubby and several friends in honor of one of their birthdays. Good food and good company.

Well I finally picked out a gift for my co workers for Mother's Day. I try to give them some little something for every holiday just to remind them that they are special. Since everyone I work with (all 8 in my branch) are Mom's, I did not want to miss Mother's Day, but I could not think of what to do. Well, I finally settled on crochet napkin rings with crochet flowers of various kinds on them and a copy of my favorite dessert in the ring. I think they will like them and hope they will try the dessert.

Speaking of dessert, we had the most wonderful Chocolate dessert at Longhorn's tonight. Jackie ordered it for her birthday, she is a member of their club and got a coupon for a free dessert on her birthday. Anyway, it was marvelous!!! Cake and ice cream and sooo good. Good thing I haven't started that diet yet. I did send them my application this morning but haven't received any more info yet. As I understand it the workbook will arrive by USPS and some of the other info will come email. Hoping to start the online classes on Tuesday next week. Wish me luck!
My two friends already doing it have lost about 25 pounds each in about a month and a half. I hope I can do as well.

That's about it for tonight.

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