Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 141

Well, the weekend is almost over, and tomorrow is another work day. It has been a good weekend so far. I had to work Saturday morning, but it wasn't a bad morning. Then Hubby and I went to Taco Bell for lunch and home to work on my afghan that HAS to be DONE by the 6th of October. It is a birthday gift for my boss' daughter commission by my Boss. So I can't possibly not meet the deadline. The birthday is not until the 10th but Hubby and I will be in Vegas on the 6 thru the 11th so it MUST BE DONE by the time we leave. I don't have a lot left to do on it as I have feverishly worked on it most of the weekend.

Saturday night we did take time to have dinner at LOCO's with our friends who have been in England and Ireland for the past 3 weeks. They had a wonderful time and we hope to someday get to go with them. They invited us this year (again) but we couldn't make it (again). I do hope the next time they go, we can tag along.

My daughter has invited me back to Atlanta this coming weekend for the Highland Fall Fun Festival. I don't know if I am to watch the twins while she does the booth or if I am to go help with the booth. Either way works. I understand that Metal Man has to work at his REAL job that day so it could be either one. Guess I will be making another drive to Hot-lanta on Friday night and it will be alone again as Hubby has to work on Saturday so that we can go to Vegas the next week. I have several of the special request white dish clothes to take with me, but haven't gotten around to replacing any of the fruit and veggies that sold last week. Got to finish that afghan.

Speaking of work, I guess I better go make a schedule for this up-coming week. See ya around.

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