Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 138

Hi again. Bet you thought I had totally forgotten about this blog, well not really. I have been VERY busy lately. I went to Cartersville to the Roselawn Craft Show on the 18th and had a wonderful time. I got to spend the day before with the grandboys and the day of with their parents. It was a blast. Those boys are so smart and adorable.

At the show we sold several pieces of crocheted fruit and veggies so I have to remake those. I also have a special request for white cotton dish clothes. So I have been busy on my lunch break at work making those. I have about a half dozen completed so far. I also thought that crocheted hangers for flower pots would be nice and am giving those a shot. Haven't actually completed one yet but I am working on it.

At work I have had a training conference call and had one of the tellers out sick for a full day, another had physical therapy 3 days this week and a third had a doctor's appointment today.
I had to cancel my doctor's appointment due to it being impossible to get the blood work done. However, I got screened at the craft show and everything is good except the cholesterol which was several points above where it should be. So I started taking the meds again.

I also realized that the commission afghan that I need to get finished by October 10th was no where near done and time is running out. So I am feverishly working on that in the evenings. To complicate matters the green yarn that I selected to make this one apparently has been discontinued. I can't find it anywhere in town. So I compromised and picked up a lighter shade and am doing strips of that on either side of the darker green center. I think it is going to be fine, but it really upsets me that I can't find the right matching color. I guess that should teach me to buy it all at one time. Then I have another that must be done before Christmas. Boy, I sure am working a lot for someone who just does this for a hobby. lol

Well, it is late and I really need some rest, so I guess I will say goodnight to all. Pleasant dreams.

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