Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 102

Well, Hubby and I have been home from Canada for 12 days now. It is time to start looking forward to Las Vegas!!! Yep, just 48 days until we fly off to a long weekend in the city that never sleeps. We will be staying as the Sahara again this year as they have granted us a couple of free nights. I really wanted to stay at the Main Street Station and see all the antiques again, but free nights at Sahara won out. That will help to hold down the costs. Hubby booked the tickets a while ago so we got really good rates on the flight.

He has also researched the things to do in the area; we will be visiting a few caves not far away and a real old western goldrush town. Apparently this town (Oatland) has gunfights in the street and wild burros running loose. When we go to Vegas we try to see a lot of the nature type stuff during the day and the city/casino type stuff at night. Some of the prettiest sunsets I have ever seen were in the desert.

We have been to Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Monument Valley and The Petrified Forest on past trips. We have also spent time on Mount Charleston, in Red Rock Canyon and The Valley of Fire. We have lots of photographs on the website,, if anyone wants to take a peek.

The year we made the trip in the spring was wonderful! The desert was in bloom and it was the most beautiful sight. Color everywhere. And of course the ground out there is colorful all by itself. Rainbow Garden is a barren mountain side with layers of different colored rocks that form beautiful designs. The road to see it is dirt and therefore really dusty, but the view is worth it.

We are thinking about visiting Chloride, a silver mining town, and maybe run thru Searchlight again. We enjoy seeing the antique stuff and old buildings left over from the Wild West days. I am looking forward to the trip. Originally we had another couple planning to go with us, but that didn't work out for this year. Maybe next time.

There are a couple of other things we want to see that we have missed in the past. The Bonnie and Clyde car is out there and we drove all the way to the state line to see it one trip but it was on tour so we didn't get to see it. Then we have made two trips to the Rio to see the Parade in the Sky and it was between shows both times. I sure hope it is in session this time. My daughter and son-in-law told me that the best buffet in town is at the Rio. It is a mile long and carries a lot of seafood. Maybe we will check it out. We actually like the buffet at Palace Station and the stain glass work there is lovely. I really wanted to stay at the Main Street Station and see all the antiques again, but free nights at Sahara won out. Maybe we will try a couple of other casino clubs and see if they will offer us free nights for future trips. Hubby enjoys the crap table. He is actually building one for the house, (have I mentioned that before?) It isn't full size, but it is big enough to have fun. He has done a superb job on it and the only thing lacking now is the chip trays. Those will require some special woodworking tools and skills. But I have confidence that he will get it done.

Well, once again it is late and tomorrow is a big day. We both have to work and then we have a birthday party to attend for a dear friend. I hear that the cuisine is to be Chinese, which is a bit odd considering that he is Polish and his wife is Irish. But I am certain that a good time will be had by all.

See ya later!

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