Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 106

Good Morning!
Friday was an interesting but stressful day. Someone started a rumor that our bank was closing for good. Needless to say, we were swamped with phone calls and customers asking if it was true. Some people even withdrew their money. This was the same day that the market president and another officer chose to visit us. We actually asked him about the rumor and he had not heard about it. But boy he did over a thousand times before the day was out. The switchboard was jammed with calls and all the branches were trying to put down the rumor. Hubby was so sweet when I got home, he had heard the rumor also and ordered take out for dinner.

Saturday was a MUCH better day. It started out very slow and Sarah and I were worried that people had believed the rumor and thought we WERE closed. But around 10:30 it picked up and was constant until we closed a little after Noon. We only had a couple of folks ask about it that day.

We generally have dinner with 3 or 4 other couples on Saturday night, but this week 2 of those couples were shopping for their trip to the UK. One of the others had plans to have dinner with other friends already so Hubby took me out. We elected to go to Ryan's buffet in Valdosta. It isn't the same as the Ryan's Steakhouses across the country, but it has awesome meatloaf that Hubby really likes and I adore the fried chicken. After that we visited the newly remodeled Walmart looking for cheap videos. We collect the old movies (have over 300 now!) and wanted to see what they had in the $5 bin. We found two that Hubby liked; I can't remember what they were right now.

After that we cruised around town looking at some of the neighborhoods that have houses for sale. We didn't find anything on our list that we really liked so I guess I will keep looking. After we got home I spent some time looking online for houses for sale in Valdosta and found one that could be a real steal if it is in as good a shape as the add suggests and is in a good neighborhood. It has over two thousand square feet of living space on a half acre of land and actually is in our price range. I hope we can go look for it today. We generally have breakfast in town on Sundays so we will see.

Living in the country has its ups and downs. A few days ago Hubby came home after dark to find himself face to face with a beautiful red fox in our garage area. (Up) However a couple of days ago we were both working on our computers when we heard the wind chimes tinkle and Hubby found a small oak snake in the office! (definately a down!) I am still trying to figure out how it got into the house. I know it isn't the tightest house in the world (rather old) but I still don't see how the little guy got in. However, Hubby caught him and took him outside and down the road a ways and let him go. They aren't dangerous, but they do stink. (And I am not a fan of snakes of any kind, and especially inside the house.)

As for the crafting, I tore out two skeins of yarn on the afghan that I am making for a special order because I didn't really like the pattern. I better find a new pattern soon as the piece has to be done by October 7th. I also got the baby afghan that Hubby is going to put online for sale almost done. I just don't like the color I started with on the final row. So it is off to the store to pick up something that will look better. Hope I can find the mint green that I want to use.

That's about all the excitement from around here for today. But it is still early, we'll see.

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