Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 75

Well, finally an evening with NO Thunderstorm. It is really difficult to blog on satellite internet when the storms are rolling through. So what have I been up to for the past week or so? Well, I finished a beautiful blue afghan as a birthday present for a dear customer at the bank. He was thrilled, and I forgot to take a picture to show you. Anyway, I am now working on a baby blanket for another customer of mine. She is due in September and her nursery is Classin Winnie the Pooh. So I am using a light tan, light green and pale yellow, mixed with some purple and orange thrown in for good measure. It is a Granny Square type pattern that I am making up as I go along. I have shown it to a couple of people at work and they think it will be perfect for the nursery. I am enjoying working on it alot.

I understand that Stress the Seams is going to be doing another craft show on the 31st. How do I know this? She posted on facebook that she needed a sitter for that day. Unfortunately, I will be in New York City that day and therefore will be unable to sit for my grandsons. Bummer. I am looking forward to vacation, but I will be sad that I can't spend time with the boys.

I have finally started going thru my closet to get rid of the items that I either don't wear or are now TOO big. Yea! I have lost about 15 pounds since I started tracking it. I finished my weight loss program with Thrive (seven weeks) with just over 10 pounds lost. I am not attending meetings anymore (since I didn't want to pay for it again) but I am trying to stay on track. This past weekend I really blew it bad. Hubby and I went to a birthday party with friends one night last week and then out to dinner at Red Lobster on Saturday night with another couple. I had a really good talapia and shrimp dish. I did not eat the biscuits. And did not have dessert.

On Sunday we rode the motorcycle to Peacock Springs State Park. Really the first time I had been to a place like this. It is a series of underwater tunnels that are filled with water from the many springs in the area. Divers were everywhere. The actual surface area of the water is rather small, but apparently the "ponds" are all connected underground and the divers travel thru the tunnels and have mapped out the whole system. If I could stand to get my head underwater (long story from Waaaay back) I might be tempted to try it myself. As it is Hubby has done some diving in his day and is thinking about getting re- certified so he can attempt the tunnels. Needless to say, I will be on the surface with a good book while he is diving. We took pictures of the flowers we found and some nice shots of the ponds and the rivers. I got a bit much sun on my feet (yea no socks and open top shoes) and arms. But it was nice riding. Too hot to stop for very long unless we were in the shade, but it was really fun.

Of course, Monday was back to the real world and work has been interesting. We had to send a teller to another branch on Monday, so we were one down. Then today that same teller called in sick, so again we were one down. We handled it and I think I am the only one who had to work extra hours because of it. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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