Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 67

Well this weekend was special and I blew it diet wise daily. Friday night I was stuck at the bank until 7:45 so I stopped on the way home and picked up Arby's for dinner. Then Saturday we had dinner with Hubby's sister and mother at the Mexican place in Quitman. Very pretty place and the food was good too. But I think I like the food at the one in Madison better. Then today we had a big Olson family dinner at Hubby's brother's house. Steak, potatoes (which aren't supposed to be eaten with beef on thrive) corn, salad, cake, strawberry shortcake, melon, coke. You know all the stuff on a summer dinner that was WAY more than I should have eaten, but it was all good. Tomorrow it is back on track and hope to undo the damage.

We also rode the motorcycle up to Valdosta for breakfast earlier at the Waffle House, but I was good and had an omlette but bad when I ate the hashbrowns. Then we rode over to Lake Park to the flea market and walked around for a while. Didn't buy a lot but it was fun. We were looking for a couple of DVD's since we seem to have miss placed Sahara and National Treasure. I know I loaned them to someone, but can not remember who.

Then we rode over by Blue Springs. Didn't go into the Park because we only had a few minutes to spend before we had to be back home for the family dinner. After dinner we tended to our Farmville Farms and then went over to Hubby's Mom's to play dominoes with his mother and sister. That was fun. Had more desserts and then we came home. Hubby has to work tomorrow and I have a LOT of house cleaning to do.

Sure do wish we had enough time to go visit my side of the family this weekend, but that was not the case as we both had to work Saturday morning. Hope everyone had a great weekend and remembered WHY this is a holiday. Be thankful for our forefathers and our current and past military personnel who have insured the freedoms that we enjoy. Also please everyone plan to vote in your local elections this year to insure that our freedoms remain.


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