Saturday, December 11, 2010

DAY 217

It's been a long time since I posted anything here and a lot has happened. I have gone to Atlanta several times to keep the twins while their parents worked craft shows. Have made grapevine wreaths to take to the daughter. Finished a LOT of crochet for Christmas presents and made several mini stocking ornaments too.

Hubby and I worked on the house and finally got the ceiling in our living room finished (first stage).
We visited the twins and their parents Thanksgiving weekend and had a great time and we should be going back up there tomorrow for Birthday Party (2). Hard to believe that the boys are already two years old.

The ladies that I work with and I went to Thomasville Victorian Christmas last night and it was really fun. LOTS of people crowded into the main shopping area and food vendors everywhere. A Living Nativity was the highlight of the evening. The old structures are lovely and the hugh trees are a marvel. I had a wonderful evening, it was even cold enough for coats.

The night before that was our Company Christmas party at a mexican place called SurEstes in Valdosta. Good food and very crowded. We played a silly game where you had two teams and each team had to fill a pair of panty hose with balloons and make antlers for one person to wear along with a light up red nose and my team won. Yea!!!

There was also an election in the Social Club that I belong to, STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association, INC. and I have been elected the new CFO starting January 1st. Boy there is a lot more to this than just balancing a check book. Had a conference call this morning that lasted 2 hours. Was scheduled for three but the phone battery died. Guess I will be buying a new phone this week.

Chatted with my son in Korea this morning. He is currently at Camp Red Cloud 15K from the North Korean border, but he told me he will be moving about 150 miles south of there very soon. And should be back in the states in June or July. Can't wait to see him. It has been a long time and last time I only saw him for a day before he shipped out. This mom misses her kids a bunch.

Well hubby is about ready to go to town for dinner, so I guess I better get off here and get dressed. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Christmas, just in case it takes me a while to get back on here.

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